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8 April 2006

Note: as of January 2006 minix1.hampshire.edu and the alternate site, minix1.bio.umass.edu, are no longer on-line. Many pages here have been updated, but some old links probably remain. If you find a link to one of the sites, try substituting minix1.woodhull.com in the URL. Also, please send e-mail to Al Woodhull <asw@woodhull.com> to advise of the bad link.

Here is a link to more background and technical info about the original minix1.hampshire.edu

Q: What is minix1.woodhull.com?

Minix1.woodhull.com is hosted on a commercial site, running Apache on a Linux system. That's nowhere near as much fun for me as actually maintaining my own site running on Minix on my own hardware. Minix1.woodhull.com serves up the web pages previously provided on my Minix-based sites, but not all of the file directories are available yet.

I share the top level www.woodhull.com with my son Gordon, who is also a computer professional. He does interesting things with visualization of complicated graphs. From there you can see pages related to his work as well as to some of his other interests.


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