IMD 1.11: 6/03/2006 12:04:54 CP/M 68K v1.2 BOOT`SAGE CP/M-68k Bootstrap v2.1Can't load bootstrapSAGEBIOSSYSCPM SYS/00P 4r28 (Ё"HAJg&A F0X 0BA Fp NNpJhg(p`$Jxg// /N<`?/ /?8N(LNu1NANNpE.<azgA5NN0pE &~a\f 8 * 21 408 ( 01 (E V>8 & a0fbA V<8 &SFCJJfdzx 0@1@VfF8)|d"vp00RC x .e 00OGRCJ@g8)Ti3@RiTD| e`Q Q$xAJ<( ,!!J za^f BIOSf&JNpNN08JxgH< `X@$x~bW1pNN$HAa`f"h ! NH `Jhg<8.8 *00@TDJp@gp@R@f ޸ *n.mafGg :JpPfp:JLPNu/ E V><Ba$_C VM Q`f,)ܩ! 6ƕ !J ܼBahM fE rC V*ک ,E B@H@܀Ua>M f$h ( &֩$ԩBGIC rHE,8 6NSF0@4N* **M `>r` JfB0ЄH@M J@f&H@4`٪BTQC V*) BQBNupNuA I`A `A d`A `A (` NNNNN0SAGEBIOS.SYS is not a BIOS file.File is too large to load.Can't read CP/M directory.Can't read disk status information.Error loading SAGEBIOS.SYSIllegal file type: CPM.SYSError loading CPM.SYSUndefined variable in CPM.SYSWord overflow in CPM.SYS@<MINCE SWP MINCE SWP MINCE SWPMINCE SWP !MINCE SWP"#$%&'()MINCE SWP*+,-./01MINCE SWP23456789MINCE SWP:;<=>?@AMINCE SWPBCDEFGHIMINCE 68KJKLMNOPQMINCE 68KRSTUVWXYMINCE 68KZ[\]&'()CPM SYS^_`abcdeCPM SYSfghijklmCPM SYSxnopqrstuSAGEBIOSSYSvwxyz{|}SAGEBIOSSYS ~PIP 68KDSTAT 68KIAR68 68KaLO68 68KLO68 68K6AS68 68KAS68 68KAS68 68KAS68 68K"MIND SUBDDT 68KSAGE4UTL68KSAGE4UTL68KSAGE4UTL68KSAGE4UTL68KOINIT 68KDUMP 68K<COPY 68K}DDT6800068KDDT6800068KDDT6800068KDDT6800068K)P SUBASGO SUBPE SUBAS SUBLNK SUBM SUBARMATH SUBFIND 68K|    RED SUB SCREEN 68K MCC SUBLINKCORESUBSETPRNTR68KAS68SYMBDAT1E SUBREDASM SUBCORE SUBPRINT 68KSETENV 68Kp STARTUP SUB!HALT 68K"SPACE SUB#SIG TXT;SPACEM SUB$MINCE 68K*+,-./01MINCE 68KW234567ORBIT SUB%TLNK SUB8BRWNIES TXT9:SIG TXT;HNKREPLYTXTP tY=F You are doing excellent workassume I'm close to twice your ageSince you're in college I'llassume I'm close to twice your age******************************************************************************** transfered from p-shit on oct. 8, 1983. original date of program unknown.** author = mike rosing* date = oct. 8, 1983* modified oct. 27, 1984 - removed compuserve specifics* converted to all cpm i/o* modified Dec. 29, 1988 - changed slow to 1200 baud and fast to 9600* modified April 29, 1989 - made specific for peace net.* added tabs and made more 'user freindly'* modified May 13, 1989 - added ^z to end of file for mince.********************************************************************************* d7 = buffer offset counter (long)*maxfile: .equ 400*1024 movem.l r0-r14,-(sp) *save important pascal regs clr buflag *no error message move.l #flfcb,a0 *point to fcb move.l a0,d1 *delete move #19,d0 *file trap #2 move.l a0,d1 *create move #22,d0 *file trap #2 * tst.b d0 *error? bpl strt *no, do modem stuff move.l #creater,d1 *send error move.l #creater,d1 *send error move #9,d0 *to screen trap #2 bra bye *and leavestrt: lea bufer,a1 *set up moveq #0,d7 *bufer pointerask: move.l #which,d1 *ask move #9,d0 *for trap #2 *baud rate move #1,d0 *get trap #2 *char bclr #5,d0 *upper case cmp.b #'S',d0 *slow? beq slow *yep cmp.b #'F',d0 *fast? bne ask *nope move #9600,d4 *fast baud rate bra setbaudslow: move #1200,d4 *slow baud ratesetbaud: move.l #38400,d5 *compute number divu d4,d5 *for setting rate move d5,baudrate *set it lea chanfig,a0 *point to pointers move #12,d0 *write channel trap #14 *set up modem via bios* set up terminal with tab stops move.l #crlf,d1 send move #9,d0 to trap #2 new line move #8,d2 set loop countsetab: move.l #tabs,d1 point to position move #9,d0 and set tab trap #2 for nine dbf d2,setab times move.l #header,d1 send move #9,d0 header trap #2 messageloopck: moveq #7,d0 *is char in trap #8 *modem bufer? bne remin *if not #8 *modem bufer? bne remin *if not moveq #1,d0 *is char in trap #8 *keyboard bufer? beq loopck *no, go forever trap #9 *get char from keyboard cmpi.b #5,d0 *control-shift-e? beq upload *then send a file out modem cmpi.b #4,d0 *control-shift-d? beq done *then close file and leave trap #13 *send to modem bra loopck *then check modem* dump input buffer to disk and close filedone: lea bufer,a0 *point to start of buffer move.b #$1a,0(a1,d7.l) put in end of file markdump: move.l a0,d1 *set move #26,d0 *dma trap #2 *address move.l #flfcb,d1 *dump move #21,d0 *128 trap #2 *bytes tst d0 *errors in writing? beq dbmp *no, keep going move.l #dskfl,d1 *else badness move #9,d0 *has happened trap #2 bra clse *and close filedbmp: add.l #128,a0 *bump dma pointer sub.l #128,d7 *decrement buffer counter bge dump *if still positive, keep dumpingclse: move.l #flfcb,d1 *close move #16,d0 *file trap #2 *and leavebye: move.l #notabs,d1 eliminate bye: move.l #notabs,d1 eliminate move #9,d0 tabs trap #2 movem.l (sp)+,r0-r14 *recover important regs rts *back to cp/m* get character from remote portremin: trap #12 *get character trap #10 *send to screen cmp.l #maxfile,d7 *buffer full? bge bufful *yep andi.b #127,d0 *make 7 bit ascii move.b d0,0(a1,d7.l) *put in bufer addq.l #1,d7 *bump counter bra loopck *then continue bufful: tst buflag *sent message already? bne loopck *yes st buflag *mark flag move.l #bufull,d1 *send message move #9,d0 *to screen trap #2 bra loopck* transfer a file from disk to modemupload: move.l #askfile,d1 *ask for file move #9,d0 *to send trap #2 move.l #input,d1 *use console move.b #20,input *input move #10,d0 *routine trap #2 *to get name lea input+2,a0 *point to data cmp.b #27,(a0) escape? beq loopck then ignore command lea upfcb,a1 *point to destination move #35,d0 *clearclfcb: clr.b (a1,d0) *out dbf d0,clfcb *fcb area move #10,d0 *fill name b *fcb area move #10,d0 *fill name blnk: move.b #' ',1(a1,d0) *area with dbf d0,blnk *blanks* parse name into fcb move.b input+1,d6 *get actual byte count cmp.b #':',1(a0) *has drive specifier? bne prsnme *nope move.b (a0)+,d0 *get drive and #15,d0 *make binary move.b d0,(a1) *put into fcb tst.b (a0)+ *bump past ':' sub #2,d6 *decrement char countprsnme: move #1,d1 *set destination offsetnme: move.b (a0)+,d0 *get byte from source cmp.b #'.',d0 *hit extent? beq doext *then parse that move.b d0,(a1,d1) *put byte into fcb add #1,d1 *bump destination offset sub #1,d6 *decrement char count beq stdrv *on zero, leave cmp #9,d1 *hit extent yet? bne nme *no do another byte tst.b (a0)+ *skip '.'doext: move #9,d1 *point to extent sub #1,d6 *decrement char count beq stdrv *leave when zerosnrf: move.b (a0)+,(a1,d1) *snarf a byte add #1,d1 *bump extent pointer sub #1,d6 *decremnt char count beq stdrv *on zero leave cmp #12,d1 *past extent? blt snrf * no, keep moving bytes snrf * no, keep moving bytes * reset drives in case we have to change new disks* this does not actually work. too badstdrv: move #3,d1 *a & b only drives in this system move #37,d0 *reset drive function trap #2* make all chars upper case move #11,d1 set loop countcseck: cmp.b #'z',(a1,d1) past end? bgt ckcse yep cmp.b #'a',(a1,d1) in range? blt ckcse nope bclr #5,(a1,d1) make upper caseckcse: dbf d1,cseck to all chars move.l #upfcb,d1 *open move #15,d0 *file trap #2 tst.b d0 *errors? bpl trlp *nope move.l #nofile,d1 *yes move #9,d0 *send a nasty trap #2 bra upload *try again* have file opened. send 128 byte blocks and check for ^s from remin.* each byte sent should come back with extras under normal conditions.trlp: move.l #input,d1 *set moveq #26,d0 *dma trap #2 *address move.l #upfcb,d1 *read move #20,d0 *next trap #2 *block tst.b d0 *error? bne loopck *then past end of file lea input,a0 *point to data move #0,d1 *clear offset counter ta move #0,d1 *clear offset counter snd: move.b (a0,d1),d0 *snarf a byte* cmp.b #10,d0 line feed?* beq snd2 yep ignore it trap #13 *send out to modem* note: may have to wait for char to come backsnd2: add #1,d1 *bump offset cmp #128,d1 *off end of buffer? beq trlp *then get next block cmp.b #$1a,(a0,d1) *end of file mark? bne snd *no, keep transmitting bra loopck *yes, all done* variable list .dataflfcb: .dc.b 2,'MODEM TXT' .ds.b 24chanfig: .dc.w 128 .dc.w 0 .dc.l 0 .dc.l baudrate .dc.w 0 .dc.w 7baudrate: .dc.w 0 .dc.b %01011010 for peacenet 7bits,odd parity* .dc.b %01001110 for vax 8bits, no parity .dc.b 3 .dc.b 0 .dc.b 0 .dc.b 0creater: .dc.b 'could not create file MODEM.TXT',13,10,'$'which: .dc.b 13,10 .dc.b "What BAUD rate (s=1200, f=9600)? $"bufull: .dc.b 27 .dc.b "G4" *blinking display .dc.b 10,13 .dc.b "** BUFFER IS FULL **" .dc.b 27 .dc.b "G0$"dskfl: .dc.b 'DISK IS FULL, TOO BAD!',13,10,'$'nofile: .dc.b 'no such file',13,10,'$' nofile: .dc.b 'no such file',13,10,'$' askfile: .dc.b 13,10,"Upload what file? (ESC to exit) $"notabs: .dc.b 27,'3$'crlf: .dc.b 13,10,'$'tabs: .dc.b ' ',27,'1$'header: .dc.b 13,10,'^E for upload, ^D to exit program',13,10,'$' .bssbuflag: .ds.w 1input: .ds.b 256upfcb: .ds.b 36bufer: .ds.b maxfile+1024 .end024 .end notabs: .dc.b 27,'3$' crlf: .dc.b 13,10,'$' tabs: .dc.b ' ',27,'1$' header: .dc.b 13,10,'^E for upload, ^D to exit program',13,10,'$' .bss buflag: .ds.w 1 input: .ds.b 256 upfcb: .ds.b 36 bufer: .ds.b maxfile+1024 .end rspective,much will change. A free society requires a responsible people. Ifthe people can not take responsibility for their actions, then theydeserve to be slaves of the state. Unfortunatly most countries whichthink of their people as irresponsible do not have much of an economy,let alone very good living standards. It is important that we find a middle ground for legalizingmarijuana. With 20% of the population using it at least once a yearit is impossible to expect our police, courts and prisons to eliminateit's use. We can and must demand that anyone who uses it do so incontrolled situations, and that violating those controls will resultin a punishment that fits the crime. Most important is that all sides talk the truth. We can alluse the same facts to come to different conclusions, that's whatfreedom is all about. I hope that your readers will take this issueseriously and that they will dig out the facts in their local library.Hemp has been used by humans for over 10,000 years, a ons to eliminateit's use. We can and must demand that anyone who uses it do so incontrolled situations, and that violating those controls will resultin a punishment that fits the crime. Most important is that all sides talk the truth. We can alluse the same facts to come to different conclusions, that's whatfreedom is all about. I hope that your readers will take this issueseriously and that they will dig out the facts in their local library.Hemp has been used by humans for over 10,000 years. In 1988 theadministrative law judge for the DEA stated that "marijuana, in it'snatural form, is the safest therapeutically substance known to man."At the very least, let marijuana be used for medicine immediately. Inthe mean time, let's seriously look at all the facts so we canre-legalize hemp in a manner that reduces crime and increasesindivdual responsibiltiy. Letters to the editor are the best place tostart.Patience, persistence, truth,Dr. mikeArgonne National Lab.Bldg. 3629700 Cass Ave.Ar:More Files : 16: 9.1% 5:More of everything : 16: 9.1% 6:Other (please leave Komment) : 9: 5.1% 7:All of the above! (I'm so excited!) : 51: 29.1%Voting: (Question #,L:istVoting: (Question #,L:ist,Q:uit): QThank you for taking the time to vote. -= Risqilly Main Menu =-(A)utoValidate (B)ulletins (C)allers Log (C2)Calls Yest. (D)onateHoroscop(E) (F)iles (G)oodbye (H)angup! 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(N)ew Scan (P)ost Public(Q)uit to Main (S)can Messages List (U)sers (V)iew New (X)Matchmaker(Y)our Mail (*)Games (C)QWK Mail (D)cQWK Help (!)Msg HelpTime left: 00:45:47 ("?"=Help)(1) - [Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board]Messages:S50 messages on Open, Newuser, & For Sale BoardStart listing at [28]: 28 ####:Subject From To----:------------------------------ --------------------- --------------------- 28:Mac viewers Billy Palomino 29:Going both ways Palomino Billy 30:Going both ways Billy Palomino 31:Howdy >Dr. Mike All 32:BBS down sat. nite till mon ev Billy All 33:GIFlite 2.00 Billy All 34:dcqwk & pkzip204 Billy All 35:i love my Mac Bruce Billy 36:Mac Viewers Bruce Palomino 37:Mac viewers Bruce Billy 38:Mac viewers Bruce  Palomino 39:Mac GIF Viewer Bruce Tasty 40:Mac viewers Bruce Billy 41:i love my Mac Billy Bruce 42:Hello Out There! Funbear AllTime left: 00:45:18 ("?"=HTime left: 00:45:18 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][42/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:42[42/50]From : Funbear #312To : All Subject: Hello Out There!Date : 18 Feb 93 22:50:34Hello out there! I'm a new kid on the block.......well this block anyway. Justcheckin' it out.Grrrr for now.......FunbearTime left: 00:45:03 ("?"=Time left: 00:45:03 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][42/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:? Read Message Menu(#)Read MSG # ()Read next (+)Next reply (-)Prev reply (A)gain read(C)ontinuous (D)elete MSG (I)gnore/NxtBrd (N)ext board (P)ost message(Q)uit to MSG (R)eply to MSG (S)ubject list ([)Read Reverse (])Read ForwardTime left: 00:44:51 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][42/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:RShould this be a private reply (Y/[N]) ? No Press for "Funbear" or "Q" to AbortTo : Funbear Press for "Hello Out There!"Subject: Hello Out There! Enter your text now - ANSI graphics are inactive.Space available: 16384 bytes (approximately 199 lines)Enter "/HELP" or "/?" on a new line for help.[---+----+----+----+----+----+----+----I----+----+----+----+----+----+----+---]Howdy, I'm kind of new on this block too. And strange compared to the neighbo[42/50]From : Bruce #270To : Billy #1 Subject: i love my MacDate : 19 Feb 93 00:51:33Let's just say we're "long" on creativity:)ing to legalize i it and myt        ) and my next favorite subject is computers (cause they don't talk back).How about your? s?Patience, persistence, truth,Dr. mike/esSaving ... completed.Time left: 00:41:38 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][41/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:[42/50]From : Bruce #270To : Billy #1 Subject: i love my MacDate : 19 Feb 93 00:51:33Let's just say we're "long" on creativity:)Time left: 00:41:30 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][42/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:[43/50]From : BillyTo : BruceSubject: i love my MacDate : 19 Feb 93 18:00:00 On 02-19-93 Bruce wrote to Billy... B > Let's just say we're "long" on creativity:)  LONG ?? or creative......... ???? Billy ... OFFLINE 1.50 "Turn your 486 into a Gameboy, type WIN at the C>." --- DCQwk/T.A.G. 1.5b[44/50]From : Billy #1To : All Subject: pkzip 1.1 vs. 204Date : 20 Feb 93 09:18:35A couple easy batch files to get around haveing to use pkzip 1.10 on some boardsrename the OLD pkzip (ver 1.10) pkzip1.exe, leave 204 as pkzip.exewhen you have to create a packet or a file for a system that can't use ver. 204 yet (Like TBBS) (or an Amiga, etc.) run this:fion.batcd c:\zipren pkzip.exe pkzip2.exeren pkzip1.exe pkzip.execd c:\offlineafterwards, return your system to "normal" (pkzip204) withfioff.batcd c:\zipren pkzip.exe pkzip1.exeren pkzip2.exe pkzip.execd c:\offlineNo need to do it to UNZIP, as 204 is compatable backwards to ver. 1.10, that will work for both.....Billyrwards, return your system to "normal" (pkzip204) withfioff.batcd c:\zipren pkzip.exe pkzip1.exeren pkzip2.exe pkzip.execd c:\offlineNo need to do it to UNZIP, as 204 is compatable backwards to ver. 1.10, that will work for both.....BillyTime left: 00:41:03 ([45/50]From : Bruce #270To : Billy #1 Subject: i love my MacDate : 22 Feb 93 11:14:10Long AND creative! You?[46/50]From : Palomino #384To : Bruce #270 Subject: Mac ViewersDate : 22 Feb 93 13:45:21 > I saw your Mac Viewer message on Cockpit. Did you upload the same file(s) > here, too? Nope. Should I?I think it's either a filter that's screwing up your downloading, or you need to close and reopen the window showing the "text file". Sometimes, that resets the desktop. Or maybe rebuild the desktop? And what DO they say about us Mac users? :)ilter that's screwing up your downloading, or you need to close and reopen the window showing the "text file". Sometimes, that resets the desktop. Or maybe rebuild the desktop? And what DO they say about us Mac users? :)Time left: 00:40:48 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][46/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:[47/50]From : Palomino #384To : Bruce #270 Subject: Mac BBSsDate : 22 Feb 93 13:50:11Try these. They have some Mac files on them. I don't frequent them all that much, and some of them I've just started logging onto. 1984 - 708/849-0445Prime Time - 708/741-1995Spectrum MACInfo - 708/657-1133MACropoedia - 708/295-6926 Also, look around certain bookstore magazine racks (not adult bookstores, of course... :) ) for something called MAC/Chicago Magazine. They usually have an updated listing for Chicagoland Mac BBS numbers.[48/50]From : BillyTo : BruceSubject: i love my MacDate : 22 Feb 93 21:23:00 On 02-22-93 Bruce wrote to Billy... B > Long AND creative! You? Well.. YES.. But I was asking about YOU ! ... OFFLINE 1.50 "Drop your carrier ... we have you surrounded!" --- DCQwk/T.A.G. 1.5b Well.. YES.. But I was asking about YOU ! ... OFFLINE 1.50 "Drop your carrier ... we have you surrounded!" --- DCQwk/T.A.G. 1.5bTime left: 00:40:31 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][48/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:[49/50]From : Billy #1To : All Subject: Private mail and offline readersDate : 27 Feb 93 17:18:59Most users can't ignore and download thier private mail.... if to use the QWKmail door to read/respond to it you would like to be able to by pass it1: drop me a note2:PROMISE to delete your private mail when you have recieved it...(otherwise, my HD gets VERY cluttered with old, un-needed private mail, and unrecieved mail to others could scroll off the private mail board)If you haven't tried an offline reader.. do so, VERY nice stuff !!!And, if you need help with setting it up, Skeeder, Asti, or myself would be happy to help you !BillyTime left: 00:40:21 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][49/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:[50/50]From : Dr. Mike #22To : Funbear #312Subject: Hello Out There!Date : 07 Mar 93 11:25:20Howdy, Date : 07 Mar 93 11:25:20 Howdy, I'm kind of new on this block too. And strange compared to the neighborhood. My favorite subject is marijuana (cause I'm trying to legalize it) and my next favorite subject is computers (cause they don't talk back).How about yours?Patience, persistence, truth,Dr. mikeTime left: 00:39:55 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][50/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:? Read Message Menu(#)Read MSG # ()Read next (+)Next reply (-)Prev reply (A)gain read(C)ontinuous (D)elete MSG (I)gnore/NxtBrd (N)ext board (P)ost message(Q)uit to MSG (R)eply to MSG (S)ubject list ([)Read Reverse (])Read ForwardTime left: 00:39:48 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][50/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:IPost on Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board (Y/[N]) ? No Risqilly Message Menu(#)Change Area (A)rea List ([)Prev Area (])Next Area (E)nter Private xt Area (E)nter Private (F)iles (G)oodbye (H)angup! (N)ew Scan (P)ost Public(Q)uit to Main (S)can Messages List (U)sers (V)iew New (X)Matchmaker(Y)our Mail (*)Games (C)QWK Mail (D)cQWK Help (!)Msg HelpTime left: 00:39:32 ("?"=Help)(1) - [Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board]Messages:N AListing of valid message sections:* 1 :Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board * 2 :Main Gay Board* 3 :Profiles Only * 4 :Reviews* 5 :Fantasy * 6 :Gay & Lesbian BBS LIST Updates* 7 :Coming OUT To change areas, enter the board number at the menu prompt.[PAUSE]        Risqilly Message Menu(#)Change Area (A)rea List ([)Prev Area (])Next Area (E)nter Private(F)iles (G)oodbye (H)angup! 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This wo   would be a pretty noraml     mal case excepth  that the guy was the head of the Star w Wars    Wars program at Argonne National Labs.The gay community has has t   d many arguments about the process of "outing". Can yo  you tell me what you di ecided after several years? Almost 20% of the population          population consumes cannabis, yet the government can only find them when their childer  en  ren dur   turn them over to the cops. We are now the evil empo ier  re, but most of y you have lived in fear of the local e police for longer than pot bi een's illegal.What per cent of the population is gay? How did you really overcome the fear o of the dominant society? I have to teach it to  the pot so mokers. They all stil    still live in fear. And untill 20% of the population stands up to stupidity,the idiots won't go away. Thanks in advacne   nce.Patienc,e    e, persistence, truth,Dr. mike/ex sSaving ... completed. ... completed. 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This would be a pretty normal case except that the guy was the head of the Star Wars program at Argonne National Labs.The gay community has had many arguments about the process of "outing". Can you tell me what you decided after several years? Almost 20% of the population consumes cannabis, yet the government can only find them when theirchildren turn them over to the cops. We are now the evil empire, but most of you have lived in fear of the local police for longer than pot been's illegal.What per cent of the population is gay? How did you really overcome the fear of the dominant society? I have to teach it to the pot smokers. They all still live in fear. And untill 20% of the population stands up to stupidity,the idiots won't go away. Thanks in advance.Patience, persistence, truth,Dr. mikeTime left: 00:28:33 ("?"=Help)[Open, Newuser, & For Sale Board #1][50/50] What's Next DR. MIKE ?:GAre you sure you want to log off (Y/[N]) ? Yes ff (Y/[N]) ? 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And Kathy won't listen to anything a) becauseshe's too busy and b) because she doesn't want to be "stressed".Here I am supposed to bring kids into the world and all I know howto tell them is how fucked up everything is and how much worse it willbe for them than it ever was for me. I got mine, fuck you kid.What's the point dude? At our present rate of decline we'll be atthe same level as Brazil within 14 years, if Clinton gets half of thebills passed that he wants it will be much sooner. I think maybe I'dfeel better if we nuked Serbia off the face of the earth. At leastthen some level of evil would be removed and I might think there washope. Sigh, we got rid of power plants, I guess we can get rid ofbombs next. Then we could be the worlds only toothless superpower.An anti-technology superpower B PAE WP 02/18 Valentine Day Massacre By Richard Cohen NEW YORK - OnFeb. 14, 1929, several of Al Capone's gang, some of themdisguised as cops, wheeled into the Chicago garage used as the headquarters ofthe rival Bugs Moran organization, simulated a police raid and gunned down sevenmen with sub-machine guns as they faced the wall waiting to be frisked. "I'mgonna send Moran a Valentine he will never forget," Capone had said. Never mindMoran, it was America that did not forget. The Saint Valentine's Day Massacreremains a staple of gangster lore. But precisely 64 years later - on yet another Valentine's Day - six people inthe Bronx, all Hispanics, were lined up face down on the floor and shot once inthe head, execution style. Three of the dead were adults, three were teenagers.In a way, this most recent Saint Valentine's Day massacre was even more horriblethan its Chicago predecessor. It appears that the motive was drugs. It appears rugs. It appears also that only one of the victims was involved in the drug business. The otherswere innocent bystanders. "They probably just didn't want to leave any witnesses," the brother of onevictim told the New York Times. Maybe my knowledge of American gangsters has been romanticized by Hollywood,but I doubt even Capone, a sociopath if there ever was one, would have murderedfive innocent bystanders. Many victims of drug battles are innocent bystanders,including the teenage girlfriend of one of the murder victims. Yet, thisparticular massacre was hardly New York's worst. In 1984, 10 people were slainin Brooklyn's East New York section. It was another holiday: Palm Sunday. The repeal of Prohibition largely put an end to bootlegging and theinter-gang warfare for its profits - an estimated $50 million a year to Caponealone. Now, the lucrative contraband is drugs, and America has made the samemess of it that it once made of illegal alcohol - by treating it as mostly a as mostly a criminal problem. If anything, though, the profits now are even greater, and theweaponry is both more lethal and more easily available. The consequences of sucha policy are all around us: an incredible toll in lives lost and the corruptionof our youth as they have become inured to violence. From time to time, someone or some organization questions the logic of sucha policy, and for a moment or two the nation discussed de-criminalizing what arenow illegal drugs. Either that, or someone wonders if we are not placing toomuch emphasis on law enforcement and interdiction and not enough onrehabilitation. Almost always, though, the debate is brief, and the critics aredismissed as either kooks or cranks. But whether the proposed prescription isdecriminalization (at least, say, of marijuana) or whether it's changing thefunding mix so that education and rehabilitation get more money, the debate isalways short-lived. By framing drug usage mostly in moral terms and invoking nd invoking martial metaphors - War on Drugs, for instance - we have produced a debacle. It's certainly not a success. The availability and usage of drugs fluctuate- and not, it seems, in relation to any government policy. Worse, the Americansystem of justice has been corrupted by a national panic about drugs. Laws havebeen strengthened to the point where they do violence to the spirit of theConstitution; Draconian mandatory sentences are handed down for what, sometimes,are petty offenses; property is seized before trial, as if the guilt of thesuspect was already determined, and politicians casually propose the deathpenalty for drug-related crimes - as if drug pushers were not already operatingin an environment where capital punishment, unencumbered by lengthy appeals, iscommonplace. But maybe the most pernicious aspect of our national drug policy can begleaned from two newspapers. The Times played the story of the Bronx massacre onthe front page. But it was a local story and on a slow news day at that. The at that. The Washington Post, by contrast, gave it all the prominence of a bus plunge inBangladesh, six paragraphs on page A10. The conclusion is inescapable: We havebecome so accustomed to a truly horrific level of violence - especially in theinner city - that we pay scant attention. (Imagine, though, if six whitesuburbanites had been massacred.) In comparison, the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre outraged the nation. Thefederal government, spurred by President Hoover, ultimately got Capone on taxevasion charges, and shortly thereafter Prohibition was repealed. SinceProhibition, we have tolerated a substantial alcohol-abuse problem, however mostof us see it as a health, not a moral or criminal, problem. But the most recent Saint Valentine's Day massacre has stirred littleinterest and no real outrage - certainly no calls from politicians to reconsiderour national drug policy or even to wonder whether it has contributed to theincredible violence of our inner cities. Instead, to the tune of about $12 of about $12 billion a year, the federal government wages a so-called war on drugs in which,as the Bronx massacre shows, the victims too often are innocent bystanders andthe greatest damage has been done to our capacity for indignation. APn 02/13 1206 Drug Forfeiture Copyright, 1993. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. By JOHN ENDERS Associated Press Writer MORGAN HILL, Calif. (AP) -- When Carl and Mary Shelden sold their home andagreed to carry a $160,000 note, they had no idea they were about to be trappedin a government web that would cost them almost everything they owned. In 1979, the Sheldens made the mistake of selling their $289,000 house inMoraga, Calif., to a man later convicted under a federal law that permits thegovernment to seize his property as the product of his ill-gotten gains. The fact that the Sheldens had nothing to do with the crimes and were thelegal owners, courtesy of the unpaid mortgage, meant nothing. After a 10-year . After a 10-year court battle, they are virtually bankrupt. They got back the house, but it wasso badly damaged that it made little difference. "Everything we worked for was in that house," said Carl Shelden, 52, adisabled shoe salesman. "And this is the United States. We don't know whether wewant to stay in this country anymore." The Sheldens are not unique. Authorities across the nation are coming underfire from citizens whose homes, cars, cash and other property were seized inAmerica's War on Drugs. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials insist the program, included in theComprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, is helping them fight the drug war.They say the seizures hurt dealers where it counts -- in the pocketbook. "This is a very powerful law enforcement weapon," said Cary Copeland, whoheads the Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture at the Justice Department inWashington, D.C. "We think it is being operated well." But alleged abuses make big headlines. A small-town Southern sheriff seizes a riff seizes a Rolls-Royce from a drug dealer and uses it as his personal car. Local police inLittle Compton, R.I., net $3.8 million in a drug bust and outfit their cars with$1,700 video cameras and heat detection devices for a police force of seven. Theowner of a sailboat loses the craft after a crew member is caught with a smallamount of marijuana. Since 1985, federal authorities have confiscated almost $3 billion worth ofcash and other property under the 9-year-old federal Asset Forfeiture Program,according to the U.S. Justice Department. Under federal civil forfeiturestatutes, police may seize money and property presumed to be connected toillegal drug profits. But a growing number of critics, including citizens, defense attorneys andcivil rights advocates in California, Missouri, Florida and other states, saythe law violates the U.S. Constitution and a basic tenet of the criminal justicesystem. They say people whose assets are seized are treated as guilty and must provethemselves innocent to get their property back. property back. "Once the American public finds out what's been going on under their noseswithout them knowing about it, they are going to be horrified," said BrendaGrantland, a San Francisco attorney who spent 10 years defending forfeiturevictims in Washington, D.C. Grantland serves as counsel to a group called Forfeiture Endangers AmericanRights, or FEAR, with chapters organizing in New Jersey, Virginia, Californiaand Massachusetts. "They treated the criminal better than they treated the innocent lienholderin this case," said Grantland, who is representing the Sheldens in their damagesuit against the government. Another case involved Jorge Lovato Jr., a computer reseller in Morgan Hill,Calif., and Rey Sotelo, a motorcycle shop owner in nearby Gilroy. Both haveprevious drug convictions, once had ties to a suspected drug dealer and probablydo not elicit much sympathy from most people. They say they, too, have been victims of a law that is out of control. t of control. In July, agents swept down on Sotelo's home and both men's businesses,seizing company records and a Harley-Davidson motorcyle for sale on consignmentat Sotelo's bike shop. They later seized $120,000 in cash from a safe-depositbox rented to Lovato. Police said they suspected the money was illegal drug proceeds and themotorcycle was stolen. Neither Lovato nor Sotelo was charged with a crime. Lovato said he keeps large amounts of cash available because he deals in cashpurchases. He and Sotelo both think police targeted them because of their formerties with the key target in the raids -- a man with whom they were partners in afailed export business. Five months and $10,000 in lawyers' fees later, Lovato got his money back. "If you have a good lawyer, you have the power to fight them," he said.Sotelo, too, is bitter. "I'm not the most desirable person to look at," he said."I have tattoos, long hair and drive a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. After thisordeal, I believe no one is safe in this country." this country." Lovato says publicity surrounding the raid has hurt his business. And Soteloclaims the emotional trauma caused his pregnant wife to miscarry the day afterthe raid. Both threatened to sue the government. According to Department of Justice statistics, seizures have increaseddramatically each year since the forfeiture program began. In fiscal year 1991,the federal government gave $289 million to local and state agencies under theprogram. Although prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, civilforfeiture can occur when there is probable cause to believe the property wasconnected to a crime -- a far less rigorous standard. Christy A. McCampbell, in charge of the regional office of the CaliforniaBureau of Narcotic Enforcement, said the law is a great tool for law enforcementand most people who claim to be innocent are not. "We don't seize assets unless we can connect the drug dealing to thoseamounts of either cash or properties," she said. "If they can show the money was the money was gained legitimately, then the money is returned." In the case of Lovato and Sotelo, she said, "We had a lot of evidenceconnecting them all, but the district attorney felt there was not a solid enoughconnection." Attorney Dave Michael, who specializes in getting forfeited property returnedto its owners and who represented Lovato last year, said the problem is the law. "It completely shifts the burden of proof," he said. "Law enforcement justruns willy-nilly." This and other cases are part of a wave of opposition to the law that appearsto be sweeping the nation. Several legislatures are considering changes to their state forfeiture laws,most of which are modeled after the federal statute. In September, a hearing before the House Government Operations Committee,chaired by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., heard testimony from a number of thelaw's victims. Listening to their stories, Conyers said last month that he was "outraged" was "outraged" and plans further hearings in late February or early March and to eventuallyintroduce legislation to change the law. "The cornerstone of our system of justice is a presumption of innocence untilone is proven guilty. As far as I know this is the only part of our criminaljustice system that ignores the presumption of innocence," Conyers said. "Thetime has come to change the law." APn 02/06 0109 Marijuana-Birds Copyright, 1993. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. By SCOTT LINDLAW Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- This marijuana is for the birds. All 608 tons of it. That's the amount of marijuana seeds imported last year -- all of it legal --to feed pet birds. Packers say the seeds are high in protein and fat and make for shinyfeathers. "It is not used to excite the birds," said Kathy Schneider, technical servicecoordinator for Kaytee Products in Chilton, Wis., which packages marijuana seed."It is a nutritional source." The Drug Enforcement Agency allows six U.S. companies to import marijuana s to import marijuana seeds that end up as feed for parakeets, parrots, cockatiels and pigeons. Pigeon owners favor feeding their birds the seeds before shows because theyimprove appearance, Schneider said. The seeds aren't the kind that would intoxicate a bird, let alone a human.But to discourage would-be pot gardeners, the DEA makes sure the life is bakedout of them in a heat treatment before they hit U.S. shores. Under DEA rules, the seeds must be "non-viable," or incapable of producingmarijuana plants, when they arrive in this country. If tests show they areviable, they get another heat treatment. Schneider said a few seeds will bloom into plants even after the treatment,but won't mature or bear seeds. Most of the seeds are imported from Hong Kong and mainland China, said JoelFries, deputy chief of the drug operations section of DEA's Office of DiversionControl. Why not let the seed companies grow marijuana and harvest the seeds? Thatwould be illegal, Fries said. l, Fries said. So would using seeds confiscated in drug busts, because the seeds are oftenviable. "Anyway, we destroy the stuff as fast as we can and it's hard to store," hesaid. UPce 02/05 1643 Chesterton man arrested on marijuana charges INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) -- A 25-year-old was arrested Friday on charges he wasgrowing more than 100 marijuana plants at Bloomington. The federal grand jury indictment of Joseph Lee Hunt, currently ofChesterton, came down Jan. 5, but the information was not released until hisarrest. U.S. Attorney Debroah Daniels said a tip from Hunt's Bloomington landlord ledto the investigation and indictment of the man. If convicted, Hunt faces a possible prison term of 40 years. WP 02/07 For Ex-Defendant, The Nightmare Continues BY COURTLAND MILLOY Harry Davis had been in bed that morning a year ago when he heard a knock onhis apartment door in Fort Washington. He got up, put on his pants and opened on his pants and opened the door. Fifteen police officers, carrying assault weapons and dressed in blackgarb that looked like some kind of ninja outfits, stormed in, knocked Davis tothe floor and held him there with a shotgun to his head. "They run through the house and pull my girlfriend out of bed with no clotheson, and then they spread her legs out like she was hiding something up in her,"Davis said. "I'm wearing pants and no shirt and she's naked, and they open thewindows. It's winter. We're freezing. Then they proceed to destroy the place." Davis was arrested in a crackdown on the "P Street Crew," an alleged cocainedistribution ring operating in Northwest Washington. Last week, U.S. DistrictCourt Judge Stanley Sporkin dismissed the case against him. "The evidence did not have him in any actual drug transaction," said JustinWilliams, an assistant U.S. attorney in charge of the case. "All I can say isthat there is nothing further pending against him." Except harsh recollections of the United States mocking its constitutionalideals. onal ideals. During the raid on Davis's apartment, police tore out the walls and crushedfamily photographs in their frames. They confiscated his automobile and seizedhis car-leasing business. When the charges were dropped, Davis asked for his car and was told that ithad been forfeited back to the bank because he had not kept up his monthlypayments. He was told that his business papers would be returned, if government clerkscould find them. But he would not be compensated for the damage to his apartmentand personal belongings. Police had charged that Davis, 49, used his business to launder $100 millionin drug money. Inside his apartment, they found $8,000 in deposits fromcustomers who had leased cars from him. There were no drugs, no guns or anyevidence of the dirty millions that he was supposed to have washed. Nevertheless, then-Attorney General William Barr held a spectacular newsconference at the Justice Department and announced that 450 law enforcement w enforcement officials from as far away as New York had smashed the notorious P Street Crew.Davis was implicated as the mastermind and portrayed on television every nightfor nearly a week as yet another so-called black coke kingpin in handcuffs. The law does not always respond this way. In 1989, Anne Arundel County policeseized seven pounds of cocaine, more than 60 pounds of marijuana, five pounds ofhashish, $70,000 in cash and numerous weapons from the home of two NationalSecurity Agency psychologists. They did not destroy the house, nor confiscateproperty. In fact, police were careful to allege that the drug operation was run by thecouple's 21- year-old son. The parents were not charged. To add insult to Davis's injury, police then transported him and the other 17P Street defendants across state lines to have their cases tried in Virginia,where juries are whiter and reputedly harsher on black defendants. U.S. DistrictCourt Judge Albert V. Bryan saw their arrival for what it was, a charade, and he rade, and he ordered the defendants returned to D.C. Before his arrest, Davis had worked part time as an amateur boxing refereeand trainer at a gym in suburban Maryland. There he met some of the youths whoalso were arrested and later plea bargained for three-year sentences in the PStreet case. Davis said he had tried to help one of the youths "get his act together" bygiving him a job as an office cleaner and messenger in his car-leasing company.According to Davis's attorney, the relationship was distorted by an informer whowas bargaining with police in a desperate bid to keep himself out of prison. After being released on bond, Davis found work as a car salesman. "A customer recognized me as `that man from the P Street Crew,' " Davisrecalled. "My employer checked my record and found this `felony arrest.' " He was fired. During court proceedings dismissing the drug charges last week, prosecutorsreserved the right to refile charges against Davis. "I'm still a suspect?" Davis asked. " Davis asked. "It's not a word we would be using," Williams said later. Judge Sporkin had said that refiling charges against Davis would be "unwise." But the request by prosecutors had the effect of leaving Davis's innocence inquestion. That the government had acted immorally, however, was beyond theshadow of a doubt. "What about my reputation? I have done nothing wrong," Davis said in court."You break into my home, humiliate my friend, destroy my business and afterinvestigating me for a year, just drop the charges. What can you say to me?" "You're free," the judge told him. "Next case." UPn 02/08 0016 As Rasta culture spreads, faith may be waning By JOHN OTIS KINGSTON, Jamaica (UPI) -- Ridiculed for their beliefs, feared for theirmatted, ropy dreadlocks, and jailed for smoking marijuana, Jamaica'sRastafarians used to be social misfits. These days, however, members of the religious sect have become doctors,teachers and lawyers. Rastafarian-tinged reggae music blares out of boomboxes s out of boomboxes around the globe. In Kingston, dreadlocks are more common than neckties. Yet even as Rastafarian culture goes mainstream, many observers say thereligion's original tenets are being left behind. "The faith has become very diluted. For many, it is just a hair style," saidFlo O'Connor, a human rights activist who has worked on behalf of Rastafarians. The movement began when Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican back-to-Africa advocate,forecast the crowning of a black king in Africa. Garvey's statement resonated inJamaica, a former slave colony where 78 percent of the population is black. When Haile Selassie I was named Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930, thousands ofKingston slum dwellers declared him the black savior. They became known asRastafarians, after Selassie's baptismal name, Ras Tafari Makonnen. Many Rastafarians let their hair grow into long, unruly tresses andconsidered marijuana a sacred herb. They called Jamaica "Babylon," or hell onearth, and pledged to return to Africa. n to Africa. Police considered the movement subversive, and they jailed hundreds of Rastason drug and vagrancy charges. Yet with its tenets of self- sufficiency and blackpride, the faith caught on and helped propel the island's black power movementin the 1960s. "They persuaded the society to look in the mirror and confront theirblackness. They gave the black struggle tremendous impetus and pushed it along,"said Rex Nettleford, a professor at the University of the West Indies inKingston who has written a history of the movement. Through the music of reggae stars like Bob Marley -- a devout Rastafarian --the faith took hold in the United States, England, Japan and Africa. Abroad,more people recognize the red, green and gold Rastafarian banner than theJamaican flag. Still, those who believe in Selassie's divinity are a tiny minority comparedwith the legions who have plugged into the faith's cultural trappings. Jamaica's image as a Rasta paradise is so pervasive that self-styled t self-styled "rent-a-dreads" hang out at the tourist resorts offering marijuana- laced toursof the local nightlife. Tony Soyemi, a reggae producer, said he has run intosnags cutting deals with U.S. record company officials because he wears shorthair. "The first thing they say is, 'He ain't got dreadlocks,"' Soyemi said with alaugh. Mutabaruka, a Rastafarian poet, observes, "You see Rasta flashin' themdreadlocks on MTV. You see Rasta all over the place. But when you start tellingpeople Haile Selassie is God, they don't want to hear that." Because the movement lacks structure and a defined hierarchy, no one knowsjust how many true Rastafarians exist in Jamaica or elsewhere, said AbrahamPeddie, chairman of the Rastafarian community in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, violence and famine in Ethiopia have led many Rastas to view thepilgrimage back to Africa as more of a metaphor than a goal, and Selassie,overthrown by Marxist rebels in 1974, is viewed by many Jamaicans as a haplessautocrat. ess autocrat. In years past, many Rastas lived in tightly knit communes on the outskirts ofKingston. Elders exercised a moral authority, and those who strayed from thecode of conduct had their dreadlocks shorn off. But Jamaica has an oral tradition, and the elders rarely put anything onpaper, O'Connor said. Furthermore, as Rastas moved up the economic ladder, manymoved out of the communes. "Most people don't know the roots," said Minnie Phillips, a Rastafarian whoruns an Ethiopian restaurant in Kingston. "Our forefathers were more spiritual.They weren't interested in money. They did not mix with society." Peddie denies the faith is waning. Even so, he wants to revitalize theoriginal teachings by publishing a series of Rasta texts written in the 1930s,as well as a new manuscript called "The Rastafarian Bible." But for now, pop culture -- the music, the attitude, and the aura surroundingthe sect -- remains the most effective way of spreading the faith, according toSandra Alcott, a Rastafarian lawyer. arian lawyer. "It helps open the door," Alcott said. "We have to take advantage of themagnetism." UPne 01/28 1803 Tugboat union head, daughter charged with selling pot NEW YORK (UPI) -- The 77-year-old president of a local tugboat union and hisdaughter were arrested Thursday on charges of conspiring to buy more than a tonof marijuana from an undercover drug agent, federal prosecutors said. Abe Klein, president of AFL-CIO local 333, the United Marine Division,representing tugboat workers on Staten Island, and his daughter, Sheryl, 43,both of Staten Island, were charged with drug trafficking. Manhattan U.S. Attorney Otto Obermaier said the two were indicted Jan. 7along with a third individual known as "Ben" who currently is a fugitive. Thethree were charged with conspiring to distribute and possess with intent todistribute 2,200 pounds of marijuana since 1989. Prosecutors said the Kleins allegedly negotiated to buy several thousand several thousand pounds of marijuana on a regular basis from an undercover Drug EnforcementAdministration agent. The trio allegedly obtained a one-pound sample of the pot from the agent aspart of the sale negotiations. Klein and his daughter were scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 4. in U.S.District Court. If convicted, both face a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison and amaximum term of life in prison, as well as more than $4 million in fines. APn 01/28 1224 Brite-Anti-Oregano Copyright, 1993. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- Cooking Italian could endanger your freedom inArkansas. A bill introduced in the legislature could make possession of oreganoillegal, and punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The bill in the state House of Representatives would make it a felony tocreate, deliver or possess "counterfeit" marijuana. Under the proposal, coupled with definitions in current law, a person couldbe arrested if the "counterfeit substance" looks like marijuana and is packaged uana and is packaged in a manner normally used for delivery of the drug -- usually a plastic bag. Dried, crumbled oregano leaves look much like marijuana, and the flavorfulherb has occasionally been passed off as the costlier marijuana. And oregano is sold in bulk at health food stores, where customers package itin plastic bags. "That's insane," Gary Eklund, owner of Beans and Grains and Things in LittleRock, said of the proposed legislation. Supporters of the bill contend that an arrest would occur only if someonewere trying to sell oregano as marijuana. But Deputy Attorney General Jack Gillean said that such a representationwouldn't be required. "If the police found someone who was involved in the (drug) trade and theyhappen to be in possession of oregano packaged that way, clearly conditionswould be met," Gillean said. "He is going to have to convince police he ismaking a big pot of spaghetti or something." Sensible application of the law would depend on the common sense of police ense of police and prosecutors, Gillean said. Conviction could bring a sentence of three to 10 years in prison and a$10,000 fine. UPma 01/28 0806 Man indicted on drug charges PITTSBURGH (UPI) -- An Allegheny County man has been indicted by a federalgrand jury in Pittsburgh on a charge involving narcotics violations. Robert Hazlett, 44, of Natrona Heights, was named Wednesday in the one-countindictment. Hazlett is charged with possession with the intent to distribute marijuanaplants. If convicted, Hazlett faces a possible sentence of not less than 10 years inprison to a maximum of life and a fine up to $4 million. RTw 02/18 2207 CANADA CALLED HOTHOUSE FOR GOURMET MARIJUANA By Jon Ferry VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb 19, Reuter - It is widely accepted thatthis Canadian port city has one of the most scenic mountain backdrops of any inthe world, but police say Vancouver has a high of another sort -- the world'smost potent marijuana. s most potent marijuana. They say the basements and spare bedrooms of the community of 1.7 millionhouse cannabis plants genetically engineered to produce a gourmet drug, the MauiWowee of the 1990s, sought up and down North America's west coast. Police say the average commercial-grade marijuana grown out of doorscontains between two and five per cent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the activeingredient in marijuana.  But the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recently seized marijuana in anindoor Vancouver "grow house" that had a THC content of 29 per cent. "It's aphenomenally high rate. I don't know of any that has been higher anywhere inNorth America," says Staff Sergeant Jack Dop, a 20-year veteran of the waragainst drugs. Dop says buyers in San Francisco have been trading two pounds (0.9 kg) ofCanadian cannabis for one pound (0.45 kg) of cocaine. "This is the first timethat I've heard of people trading cannabis for cocaine in a major way," he says. y," he says. Marijuana now is believed to be British Columbia's biggest single cash cropand Dop says children as young as 10 are using the powerful new drug, grown withsophisticated hydroponic gardening methods. "It's kind of a gateway drug. There are 10-year-old kids who have access toit. Everybody just throws C$5 (US$4) in for a gram of hydroponic," Dop says. Dop says the growers "breed" their plants meticulously. They discard theleaves and stalks, from which cannabis used to be made, and retain the buds.They pick only female plants which they improve through a cloning process. The business is hard to police because the artificial lights and beds donot require much space. "We've even seen marijuana being grown in a covered-overtrench in a backyard," he says. Sergeant Jens Linde of the Vancouver city drug squad says police have foundwarehouses with thousands of plants. "The Vancouver area is known as the hub ofmarijuana cultivatio n in North America. The drug lab says the indoor pot is ndoor pot is triple, quadruple, the THC strength of even the old, good stuff like MauiWowee," he says. One former grower told a local radio station she made C$50,000 (US$40,000)annually, tax-free, during the four years she ran her basement plantation of 200smaller plants. Describing herself as a well-educated, 50-year-old professional, the womansaid most growers are not involved in organised crime. "I wouldn't deal withpeople that, you know, have guns or cheat or steal or lie or any of that," shesaid. But Dop believes the woman has seriously underestimated both her profitsand the evil of the marijuana trade. "They're criminals, they're not ageinghippies. They're not just people growing some dope. Weapons are involved toprotect your crop, to try to collect debts that are owing," he says. He says marijuana profits are enormous. "You're looking at an averageprofit on maturity of C$1,000 (US$800) ) a plant and you can do it (grow a crop)every three or four months," he says. ths," he says. Allowing for 10 per cent of the plants to be spoiled, a grower with a100-plant operation can earn more than C$270,000 (US$215,000) a year, he says. Criminologist Neil Boyd agrees marijuana-growing is a big local industry."There are literally just thousands of people in the city of Vancouver who maketheir living from the distribution and growing of marijuana," he says. But the Simon Fraser University professor disagrees the high-strength potis as harmful as police are making it out to be. "There is no evidence thedamage is multiplied," he says. Boyd says enforcement of anti-drug laws in North America is clouded inhypocrisy. A high percentage of lawyers, judges and policemen have usedmarijuana and know it is benign. "It's much less dangerous than either alcohol and tobacco," he says. Boyd says official U.S. figures estimate 350,000 Americans die prematurelyfrom tobacco and 150,000 from alcohol each year. Fewer than 100 die frommarijuana. He says that in the Netherlands where marijuana has been decriminalised for iminalised for years, casual use has declined. Cannabis possession in Canada is stillpunishable by up to seven years in jail and traffickers can receive life inprison. In 1991, 27,000 Canadians were charged with simple cannabis possession."That's three-quarters of all drug charges. So basically the war on drugs isfundamentally a war on marijuana possession," he says. Lincoln Clarkes, a 35-year-old Vancouver photographer, says he has smokedmarijuana since he was 13. "I grow it. I smoke it and I'm not afraid to say so.Marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and Twinkies (pastry). I think a lot ofpeople should actually be smoking it. It would straighten them right up," hesays. Clarkes does not grow his marijuana hydroponically, but has visited ahydroponic operation and agrees the pot is incredibly strong. "One toke and it'sthere," he says. REUTER JF ZM UPwe 02/18 2006 City official arrested SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- Federal authorities arrested the assistant general e assistant general manager of San Francisco's Social Services Department and two others Thursdayfor their alleged part in a conspiracy to import 40,000 pounds of marijuana fromSoutheast Asia. A DEA spokesman identified the city official as Michael Hancock, 52, who wastaken into custody in his City Hall office. The two others were identified asGlenn Boisselle, 42, and Paul Leake, 43, both of San Frnacisco. The men face upto life in prison and a $4 million fine. The three were among 13 people named in a sealed indictment returned by afederal grand jury in San Francisco last year. UPne 02/13 1911 Parish apologizes for marijuana charges SAN ANTONIO, Texas (UPI) -- Boston Celtics center Robert Parish on Saturdayapologized to his team and his fans for allegedly having possession of marijuanaat his Weston, Mass. home. Parish, playing with the Celtics on the road in San Antonio, read a statem entin which he apologized to his team for what he called a "stupid mistake." stupid mistake." "I made a mistake, and I've embarrassed family and friends of mine," Parishsaid. Parish, 39, and a female companion, Heather Graves, 24, of Atlanta, facearraignment on March 3 in Waltham District Court, on one count each ofpossession of marijuana. If convicted, Parish could face a maximum of six months in prison, and-or a$500 fine. Officials say they doubt the nine-time NBA All-Star will be sentenced tojail, because it is his first offense. A 2-ounce package of marijuana addressed to Parish was found at a FederalExpress office in San Francisco Wednesday by federal Drug EnforcementAdministration agents. The unopened package was flown to Massachusetts where another drug- sniffingpolice dog confirmed the contents before a warrant was obtained to open it. Thepackage was then delivered to Graves at Parish's home early Thursday afternoon. Police returned to the house about 10 minutes later with a search warrant andfound the package inside, along with another 3 ounces of marijuana, a spokesman na, a spokesman for the Middlesex County District Attorney said. UPce 01/07 1633 Pinckney man sent to prison for 7 years for growing... Pinckney man sent to prison for 7 years for growing marijuana DETROIT (UPI) -- U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds slapped a Pinckney manwith a 7-year prison term and a $3,000 fine Thursday for cultivating more than900 marijuana plants at a farmhouse in Addison. George M. Dudek, 30, pleaded guilty to the charge on Oct. 6. In addition tothe prison time and fine, Edmunds imposed a 4-yer period of supervised release. Assistant U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg, who prosecuted the case, said agentswith the Drug Enforcement Administration seized more than 900 marijuna plantswhen they raided the farmhouse on Jan. 7, 1992. Hydroponic growing equipment and technical literature on marijuanacultivation also were seized, he said. Dudek pleaded guilty to one count of possession of marijuana with intent todistribute. distribute. RTw 12/16 1131 DUTCH POLICE SWOOP ON DRUG-PEDDLING COFFEE SHOPS AMSTERDAM, Dec 16, Reuter - Amsterdam police swooped on the city's infamous"coffee shops," arrested 193 people and seized 10 kg (20 lbs) of hard drugs, apolice spokesman said on Wednesday. More than 600 of the marijuana-selling coffee shops have sprung up over theDutch capital in the last 15 years with the tacit acceptance of the authorities. But police suspect that half of the shops are also centres for an illicittrade in hard drugs, firearms and stolen goods. Tuesday's raid on 21 coffee shops led to the arrest of 48 people forpossessing hard drugs and firearms. A further 145 people were detained onsuspicion of being illegal aliens. Police Commissioner Foeke Wagenaar told a news conference that police wouldcontinue their crackdown. "We are determined to continue along this path, on asmaller scale but with great tenacity," he said. All drugs are technically illegal under Dutch law, but 15 years ago t 15 years ago possession of up to 28 grams (one ounce) of cannabis for personal use wasreduced from a crime to a misdemeanour. REUTER HDJ CAB PAE UPma 12/13 0715 Federal agents arrest wrong person LOGAN, Ohio (UPI) -- The mother of five children said her arrest on majordrug charges, which turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, was "the mosthumiliating experience" of her life. U.S. marshals from Columbus arrested Sandra Kranz at her home in Logan,believing she was a person identified as Lisa Marilyn Allen, who is sought byfederal officials in Portland, Ore., on eight counts of trafficking inmarijuana. Kranz, who said she doesn't smoke and hasn't had a drink in three years, saidshe was in bed when the marshals came to her home Friday and told her that shewas Allen. "I told them I waem my ID," Kranz said. She said marshals insisted she was Allen and told her she could tell herstory in court. Kranz  said she had to leave her two daughters, 22 months and 2 months, withher 17-year-old son. her 17-year-old son. When she reached U.S. District Court in Columbus, about 40 miles north ofLogan, she was placed in a fourth-floor holding cell. Kranz said she told her story to Stephen K. O'Leary, who handles retrialservices for the U.S. District Court. "If it weren't for him, I would have been there through the weekend and whoknows how much longer," Kranz said. "He listened to my story, my denial and mystory from birth through today." Kranz said marshals never informed her of her rights or allowed her to maketelephone calls. "It was like I was a major criminal and I had no rights," Kranz said. Kranz said she got a free lunch but had to arrange her own ride home. "I held up well under the situation and pressure, but after I got on thephone I broke down and cried," Kranz said. The charge against Allen involved two marijuana shipments from Thailand, oneof 8 tons and one of 7 tons, for distribution on the East Coast, authoritiessaid. s said. REUTER MJM KG SJ UPce 12/10 1558 Corrections investigating drug overdose CHESTER, Ill. (UPI) -- Illinois Corrections officials want to know how aMenard Correctional Center inmate who died of an apparent drug overdose lastmonth managed to smuggle a syringe into the maximum- security prison. DOC investigators are examining the Nov. 29 death of Michael LeCrone, 34, aconvicted killer who was serving an 80-year sentence for a Champaign Countymurder and other crimes. Passing inmates found LeCrone dead on the floor of his one-man cell in theSouthern Illinois prison. Randolph County Coroner Neil Birchler said the deadinmate had a makeshift tourniquet tied around his arm and there were needletracks on his hands and feet indicating he was a longtime intravenous drugabuser. Also found in LeCrone's cell were a syringe and several rubber bagscontaining a white powder believed to be cocaine or heroin. Birchler believesLeCrone died of a drug overdose but won't make an official ruling until lab ling until lab tests confirm the identity of the drug. Corrections officials acknowledge pills, cocaine, marijuana and other drugsoften are smuggled into the state prison system, sometimes by guards and othertimes by visitors or prison workers. But intravenous drugs are rare and deaths from overdoses are almost unheardof, said Michael Mahoney of the prison watchdog group the John HowardAssociation. State law makes it illegal for any Illinoisan, in prison or out, to possess ahyupodermic syringe without a prescription unless they are a health-careprovider. DOC policy also bans needles in prisoners' cells and says all inmates must goto prison infirmaries to receive injections. The state's most publicized prison drug overdose was in 1987, when a PontiacCorrectional Center inmate choked to death on a packet of cocaine as he tried tohide the drugs from guards who were moving him to another cell. Prison gangs blamed guards for the inmate's death and killed Pontiac killed Pontiac Superintendent Robert Taylor in retaliation for the incident. The gang leaderwho ordered the assassination and two inmates who carried it out were sentencedto death for the crime. RTw 12/09 2144 ^DESIGNER CANNABIS GIVES DUTCH OFFICIALS A HEADACHE@ By Ben Hirschler AMSTERDAM, Dec 10, Reuter - In thousands of glasshouses around theNetherlands a new crop is ripening. Home-grown "designer" cannabis, carefully cultivated for maximum potency, isestimated to be the country's sixth biggest crop after tomatoes -- and output isgrowing fast. Known as Nederwiet (Dutch weed), it is replacing imported cannabis as thedrug of preference among discerning smokers in Dutch "coffee shops," where softdrugs are sold openly. It is proving a major embarrassment to the Dutch government, already underfire from neighbouring countries who say its lax policy will let criminals floodthe European Community with drugs when internal borde rs are opened in January. Dutch growers counter that they are actually driving crime out of the drugs me out of the drugs trade since their superior home-grown product is grabbing market share fromforeign drug barons. "It's taken a long time to convince people that Dutch marijuana is a topquality product but the message has finally got through," said Alan Dronkers,whose Amsterdam-based seed firm has seen sales more than double in the last twoyears. "The Colombians and other drug traffickers have lost a market. They can'tsell their stuff anymore," he said. His company produces a glossy catalogue offering 19 different hybridvarieties -- each selected for indoor, outdoor or glasshouse use -- the fruit of15 years cross-breeding of plants from around the world. Most popular are the "skunkweeds," so named because of their strong smell.First produced in the United States in the 1970s, they have since been carefullycultivated to a potency many times that of conventional varieties. According to police figures, Dutch marijuana now contains nine to 27 per ine to 27 per cent of the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), compared with 0.5 to14 per cent in imported drugs. Health workers say the super-strong cannabis can be a shock to the systembut there is no evidence it is any more dangerous than other types of marijuana. "There have been some passing intoxications but we have seen no seriousaccidents," said Giel van Brussel, head of the drugs unit at the Amsterdam cityhealth authority. "Those who suffer may experience a period of anxiety and the feeling that itwas too strong, but it only lasts a few hours. It's a mild problem," he added. The National Criminal Intelligence Service (CRI), however, believes designercannabis is a potential goldmine for the mob, and fears it is only a matter oftime before drug cartels turn the Netherlands into a major drug exporter. Therehave already been reports of Nederwiet entering Britain. "We've been warning all along that it will be a major export product. If you duct. If you allow it to be produced, people will grow it and export it," said the CRI'sErnst Moeksis. He says there are already ominous signs that production is being scaled upas bigger operators move in. "It's become much, much more professional in the last few years," Moeksissaid. In 1990 police dismantled five substantial cannabis nurseries. Last year thenumber of sites jumped to 54, producing crops with an estimated street value of204 million guilders ($116 million). That 1991 total has already been surpassedthis year -- and police admit this is only the tip of the iceberg. Although all drugs are technically illegal in the Netherlands, possessing orproducing up to 28 grammes of cannabis for personal use was reduced from a crimeto a misdemeanour 15 years ago. Furthermore, growers routinely escape prosecution by claiming their cropsare for legitimate agricultural use, such as the production of birdseed or fibrefor making rope. Controversy over the relaxed Dutch policy was ignited again last week in a last week in a public spat with France over the location of a planned new Europe-wide policeforce, to be known as Europol. French Interior Minister Paul Quiles, lobbying hard for Europol to be basedoutside Strasbourg, accused the Dutch of pursuing a lenient drugs policy whichwould undermine Europol efforts to tackle drugs trafficking. Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers, who wants Europol to be based in TheHague, said the allegation was "scandalous." At the same time the Dutch have shown signs of bending in the gale of recentcriticism. Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch-Ballin hinted at a tougher Dutch stancein future -- at least on Nederwiet. "More intensive police attention must be paid to large-scale Nederwietcultivation. The Netherlands really cannot permit itself to become thelaughing-stock of Europe in this already precarious policy area," Hirsch-Ballinsaid recently. Officials say no firm decisions have yet  been taken, but the government isstudying a CRI proposal for a licensing system requiring growers to prove that to prove that their cannabis is destined for approved agricultural outlets. "Licences are one possibility. We have to take some measures, but what theywill be is still an open question," said Justice Ministry spokesman VictorHoltus. RTec 12/05 0958 ^DUTCH PREMIER SLAMS FRENCH MINISTER FOR DRUGS ... DUTCH PREMIER SLAMS FRENCH MINISTER FOR DRUGS COMMENTS THE HAGUE, Dec 5, Reuter - Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers condemned as"infamous" and "scandalous" a French minister's charge that the Netherlands wastoo lax on drug abuse, Dutch media said on Saturday. The Dutch government plans to lodge a formal protest with France at thecomments made by Interior Minister Paul Quiles in London earlier this week, aforeign ministry spokesman said. Quiles was reported as saying that the Netherlands' lenient approach to drugabuse was blocking a European Community plan for a new Europe-wide police force.He accused the Dutch of obstructing the scheme by refusing to allow its first allow its first phase, a Drugs Unit, to be based in Strasbourg, France. "That was a scandalous remark," Lubbers was quoted as saying by the DutchANP News Agency. It was "unacceptable, untrue and infamous" and "impermissiblelanguage among member states." The Netherlands and Italy have submitted The Hague and Rome as potentialheadquarters sites for the project, known as Europol, which will work along thelines of the Interpol international police organisation. "The problems in France are far worse than here," Lubbers was quoted assaying by Dutch daily Trouw. "The number of deaths from drugs is far higher inFrance than here...We are at least equally active and effective." Both hard and soft drug use is illegal in the Netherlands, but small-scaledrug use is tolerated in a belief that it is easier to control if kept visible. Soft drugs like marijuana are openly sold in so-called "coffee shops"throughout the country and the heroin substitute methadone is distributed free ributed free to addicts from special buses.** End of text from cdp:norml.hemp **/** norml.hemp: 278.0 **/** Topic: Dr. Asting Refutes Drug Warriors **** Written 12:40 am Feb 20, 1993 by treefreeeco in cdp:norml.hemp ** Few users of any illict drug are arrested for violence. Analysis of all414 murders committed in 17 New York police precincts from March to October1988 found only a half dozen in which pharmacological properties of anillicit drug were to blame. The pharmacology of heroin does not cause aseller to stab a user if a deal goes bad. The pharmacology of cocaine doesnot fuel dealer turf wars. The pharmacology of crack does not make 24-hourtraffic flow in and out of a house that ruins peace in a neighborhood.Violence and blight blamed on drugs would disappear if the trade werelegalized. We saw such a result with alcohol trade in 1933. Drug warriors want more guns and taxes, and therefore promote fear that--according to the Jackson County drug squad sales tax election flyer--crack on flyer--crack "is being sold like fast food, on every street in our city." Surveysrepeatedly show that drug use began to go down when Jimmy Carter waspresident, especially among youths, and the downward trend has continued.Whether the drug be licit or illicit, tobacco or alcohol, heroin orcocaine, use has lessened among men and women, whites and blacks, young andold. News media may report that an astonishing percentage of students saythey have tried a particular drug, but fail to note that such "use" istypically a one-time experiment out of curiousity. A recent survey ofnon-metropolitan Missouri junior high school students found use of illicitdrugs to be approximately zero. "Untruths, unreliable data create obstacles in war on drugs." [Secret #6]: THE PERCENTAGE OF CRACK BABIES BORN AT ANY GIVEN HOSPITAL IS APPROXIMATELY ZERO. While continually heckling me at a public presentation, a  medical manfinally shouted in fury, "You're saying all the crack babies coming into my s coming into my emergency room since 1976 are my imagination!" I asked if he agreed thatcrack first appeared around 1986, and the medical man nodded. "Then," iwent on, "the first ten years you observed crack babies it *was* yourimagination, because the substance didn't exist." The medical man lookedembarassed and shut up. Drug warriors often claim 375,000 crack babies are born annually in theUnited States, each one with developmental deficits costing $500,000 to $1million in medical care. That claim can be tested in several ways. First we can check if neonatal units are indeed expending $375 trillionper year on crack babies. The latest published figures for national healthexpenditures are from 1987, contained in the "Statistical Abstract of theUnited States 1990". The grand total by consumers, government, andphilanthropies for all health purposes (including hospital care, nursinghomes, physician office calls, prescriptions, medical research, and esearch, and hospital building construction) was $500 billion. Costs for all hospitalcare were $195 billion. Crack baby expenditures cited by drug warriors are2,000 times greater than the total sum spent for *all* care of *all*persons in *all* hospitals. Second, we can extrapolate from drug use patterns. Drug warriors claimthat a single use of crack devastates a fetus, but this claim isincorrect. The claim is also sad because it encourages abortion amongwomen desiring pregnancy. To cause developmental damage in a fetus, apregnant woman must abuse crack in the way that hospitalized alcoholicsabuse alcohol. Studies of cocaine users find that 2.5 percent to 10percent abuse the drug--in all varieties. Given four million live birthsannually in the United States, 375,000 crack babies born is about 9.4percent. To get that many crack babies, every pregnant woman in the UnitedStates must be on cocaine. In reality, few women are using cocaine when they become pregnant, andalmost all of those who *are* users will stop upon learning they are rning they are pregnant. The percentage of crack users among women of childbearingage--let alone pregnant--is so small that the federal government is unableto make an estimate (National Institute on Drug Abuse, National HouseholdSurvey on Drug Abuse: Population Estimates 1990). Yet another way to determine the number of crack babies is to phonehospitals and ask them. St. Luke's reports 0 percent. Research, 0 percent.Baptist, 0 percent. KU Med Center, 0 percent. That doesn't mean they*never* see a crack baby, but the number is so small as to be virtuallyunnoticeable. [Typist's Note: All names above are hospitals in Kansas City,Missouri, for those of you who aren't Missourians.] Around Kansas City people repeatedly tell me that 15 percent of infantsborn at Truman Medical Center are crack babies. That story is wrong.Truman does not monitor each mother and newborn for cocaine, so no figureexists.  A one-month survey in 1989 found that 15 percent of mothers giving thers giving birth at Truman showed *exposure* to cocaine, *not* that their infants werecrippled by crack or any other form of cocaine. Even so, 15 percentexposure is far higher than would be expected from a general population. And in fact, unlike many hospitals, Truman solicits pregnant women fromdrug abuse treatment programs. Thus Truman neonatal statistics do notreflect experience in the general population. Also, among low-incomepregnant women--exactly the maternity clientele in which Trumanspecializes--a false rumor circulates that cocaine reduces time spent inlabor. "Cocaine-exposed" infants may be from mothers using cocaine forwhat they believe is medication rather than recreation. In hospitals serving affluent women who can buy enough cocaine to wreckfetal development, the percentage of crack babies should be higher than inhospitals serving impoverished women. The opposite is reported. We shouldask whether *cocain e* is being blamed for medical problems caused by ms caused by *poverty*. Cocaine was available for a century before anyone first noticeda problem among pregnant women in the 1980s. In 1989 analysts examiningfiles of the Society of Pediatric Research discovered that in 81 percent ofreports claiming fetal damage from cocaine, medical personnel failed todetermine if the pregnant woman actually *used* cocaine. "The scientific world is in the midst of correcting itself," declaresNancy Day, associate professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at theUniversity of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. "There will never be thishorde of crack-crazed babies affecting the school system. We are notfinding the birth defects that earlier studies have reported." [Secret #7]: SCIENTISTS HAVEN'T FOUND THAT ILLEGAL DRUGS ACTUALLY HARM THE WORKPLACE. Along with drug use by pregnant women, drug use by workers is one of thetwo hottest issues promoted by drug warriors. In 1989, President Bush said drugs in the workplace cost $60 billion to $60 billion to $100 billion a year. But the White House extrapolated that figure from a*single survey* done in 1982 which reported that daily marijuana users hadincomes that were 28 percent lower than non-daily users. The survey*didn't* measure workplace losses, and moreover found no income differenceamong non-users and casual users of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Thepresident's claim is fabricated. Drug warriors thrill people with lies.Alfred Hitchcock made a fortune from scaring people; politicians get votes. Studies published by the federal government show that illicit drug usersat Utah Power & Light had *lower* health benefit costs than non-users; thatGeorgia Power Company employees using illicit drugs had higher promotionrates compared to the *entire* workforce; that marijuana users had absenteerates 30 percent *lower* than other employees. Other researchers foundthat, according to supervisor evaluations, hospital employees using drugsperformed as well as non-users. Drug users are ordinary people. nary people. Increased detection of drugs in the workplace does not mean increaseduse. Thirty years ago drug were not detected unless job performance wasaffected. Now, sophisticated body fluid tests discover drugs insatisfactory employees whose use would never have been noticed in past years. One other point. Recently I chatted with a drug warrior who gives talksto civics groups. He said 36 percent of General Motors employees areintoxicated while on the job. I don't know if that's correct, but thestatement implies that something is wrong with those workers. Instead, weshould ask what's wrong with the *job*. What is there about working atGeneral Motors that would make 36 percent of employees want to be drunk atwork? What's wrong with the tasks, the type of supervisors, the shiftschedules, or other things controlled by the employer? How can we alterthose conditions to make employees contented? As organized labor declines,leaving employees less and less able to control job conditions, drugs may ns, drugs may be taking the place of labor unions. [Secret #8]: THE DRUG WAR IS AN ARTIFICIAL ESCAPE FROM REALITY. The war conveniently diverts attention from problems that people want toignore. Someone drunk on the assembly line? Get him treatment whileordering another to speed up. A ghetto guy making big money sellingdrugs? Build a new "Big House" while houses of his law-abiding neighborscrumble. Pregnant ghetto gal on drugs? Toss her in the clink while we cutcontraception services, pre-natal care, child nutrition programs, and jobopportunities for her friends. Yuppie parents won't let you run all night?Bust them on pot to teach them a lesson. Your teens running all night?Bust them on pot to show them who's boss. On and on it goes. Many peopleusing drugs to escape problems have clean urine. Drugs are a powerful symbol for things that upset us: Changing standardsof morality; changing concepts of pa renting; changing job markets; a wholeworld changing. People are afraid. In some cultures, people respond by ople respond by sacrificing goats. In some, people bloody their foreheads. In some,people attack neighbors who use drugs. Each of those responses isdifferent in action, but all are futile in effect. We can howl at the moonall night, but at sunrise reality still awaits us. The war on drugs masks a war on reality. If physicians confronted bytrauma called for a war on bleeding, citizens would recognize the danger,yet the drug war focuses resources on tourniquets and bandages, whileignoring underlying wounds that bleed: Social injustice, unemployment,family disintegration, low self-esteem. Such problems are addressable, andto survive and prosper we *must* address them. But we won't unless wefirst give up our morbid fascination with drugs. [Secret #9]: WE CAN STOP THE MADNESS. But sometimes I think otherwise. When a medical man tells me that anyonewith a marijuana cigarette should be imprisoned for life, when citizens when citizens twist their faces in rage while yelling hatred at me, when an architect ofMissouri's drug war tells me his work harms the public but that voters areso stupid they must be humored rather than educated, I feel bleak. Still, I have faith in my neighbors. Studies show that the more peopleknow about drugs, the less they support the drug war. Drug education--asopposed to drug propaganda--can help wind down the war. But getting factsto the public is hard. Exaggerations and fabrications by the Partnershipfor a Drug-Free America are well-demonstrated (Scientific American, May1990), yet new media continue to donate column inches and air time toPartnership lies. Publications and broadcast stations seeking to deceivethe public can hardly be expected to let facts peep out of news coverage ofdrugs, and those info-tainment sources are relied on by most citizens.Nonetheless, if exposed to deviations from the politically correct linelaid down by drug warriors, people can understand how the war hurts he war hurts individuals and our society. Even a bigot's heart can be touched and healed. Unfortunately, advocates of compassion face a broader challenge. Studiesshow that a person's zealotry for the drug war is based less on facts thanon a personality which craves obedience. And obedience to governmentpronouncements in the drug war is but one manifestation of a personalitythat wants to obey orders in many other areas of life as well.  Helpingsuch citizens to understand the desirability of self-autonomy is daunting. For the time being, those of us who are peace advocates must rely onourselves. Fortunately, our numbers are not trivial. I encounter peaceadvocates all the time, and we can make ourselves felt politically. Wejust have to change from advocates to activists. The transformation iseasy and costs just 38 cents. Merely send two postcards: to your state representative and senator. Mostdrug laws are passed at the state level. If you think all drugs should be ugs should be legalized for everyone, say so. If you think that just marijuana should belegalized for adults only, say so. Three to four sentences will be enough.Plenty of elected officials have private doubts about the drug war but areafraid to say them aloud. Give peace advocates a chance in thelegislature; let them know you support drug law reform. Help them becomeactivists. Sure, politics is a rigged game. But to play, all you have to do is showup. If you have doubts about the drug war, don't just tell your friends.Tell the folks who make the laws. They are waiting to hear from you.** End of text from cdp:norml.hemp **/** norml.hemp: 279.0 **/** Topic: How Dangerous is Marijuana? **** Written 10:25 am Feb 20, 1993 by jnr in cdp:norml.hemp **From: Jim Rosenfield Subject: How Dangerous is Marijuana?Lifted from "The Emperor Wears No Cloths" by Jack Herer.Here is a sample:How Dangerous is comparison to other substanc es?Number of American deaths per year that result directly or at result directly or primarily from the following selected causes nationwide,according to World Almanacs, Life Insurance Actuarial (death)rates, and the last 20 years of U.S. Surgeaon Generals' reports.(figures are for 1988 from the federal government's Bureau ofMortality Statistics and the National Institute on Drug Abuse....Tobacco 340,000 to 425,000Alcohol (not including 50% of all highway deaths  and 65% of all murders) 150,000Aspirin (Including deliberate overdose) 180 to 1,000+Caffeine (from stress, ulcers and triggering irregular heartbeats, etc) 1,000 to 10,000'Legal' Drug overdose (Deliberate or accidental) from legal prescribed or patent medicines or from mixing with alcohol (eg. Valium with Alcohol) 14,000 to 27,000Illicit Drug Overdose (deliberate or accidental)  from all illegal drugs 3,800 to 5,200 3,800 to 5,200 Theopoline (Pharmaceutical Drug legally prescribed for asthma) 50 Theopoline is also responsible for 6,500 hospital admissions and 1,000 cases of permanent brain damage per year.Marijuana 0 (ZERO)Marijuana users also have the same or lower incidence of murdersand highway deaths and accidents than the general non-marijuana-using population as a whole. Crancer Study, UCLA: U.S. funded($6 million) First and Second Jamaican studies, 1968 to 1974;Costa Rican Studies, 1980 to 1982; et al.** End of text from cdp:norml.hemp **/** norml.hemp: 280.0 **/** Topic: HEMP FOR VICTORY! At U of Oregon **** Written 1:40 pm Feb 20, 1993 by mbergoffen in cdp:norml.hemp **ANNOUNCING THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON SCHOOL OF LAW ENVIRONMENTAL LAW CONFERENCE March 4-7, U of O Law School, Eugene, OROn Saturday Afternoon, MArch 6, there will be a HEMP FOR VICTORY! Panel, With: VICTORY! Panel, With: Jack Herer, Author of "Emperor Wears No Clothes"Dennis Prron, President of American Medical Marijuana MovementPaul Loney, Attorney for the American Anit-prohibition LeagueBill Conde, Currently manufacturing Hemp Particle Boardand Diane Albino, with a Central American Perspective.Please Call (503) 346 3828 for more info and to receiveregistration stuff.Marty Bergoffen, Panel Organizer** End of text from cdp:norml.hemp **-- Transfer complete, hit -- Transfer complete, hit to continue -- Conf? qPeaceNet Commands: (c)onferences (h)elp (m)ail (d)ata (u)sers (s)etup (bye)? sType '?' for command summary, 'h' for more help.Setup? ?The "setup" command allows you to tailor system options to your needs.The following options are available (with abbreviations in parentheses): s - (s)how current options tl - list the supported terminal types t NAME - set your terminal type to the named type. d - change the (d)elete key p - choose a new (p)assword l - change your (l)anguage m - change to more or less verbose (m)enus h - for more (h)elp q - (q)uit from setup Setup? tlThe following primary terminal types are available:adm f200 hp2645 sun vt100adm3a freedom100 iris trs vt102ambas freedom200 model100 tvi920 vt220at386 generic nec-portable unknown vt52capture h19 soroc viewpoint wyse50Setup? t tvi920Press the key used to delete a character, followed by : Your delete key is: BACKSPACESetup? qPeaceNet Commands: (c)onferences (h)elp (m)ail (d)ata (u)sers (s)etup (bye)? mReading folder: incoming...33 messages 8 new 1 unread There are more than 25 messages in your incoming folder. It is to your advantage to keep the folder small. You should consider using the 'd' command to delete some messages. Typ e ? for more help. sages. Type ? for more help. Type 'u' for next unread message, '?' for command summary, 'h' for more helpMessage 25 (56 lines)From mrosing Tue Feb 16 20:26:54 1993Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 20:26:39 PSTFrom: Mail Delivery Subsystem Subject: Returned mail: Host unknownTo: mrosing ----- Transcript of session follows -----550 Host unknown ----- Unsent message follows -----Received: by (4.1/Revision: 1.60 ) id AA10737; Tue, 16 Feb 93 20:26:39 PSTDate: Tue, 16 Feb 93 20:26:39 PSTFrom: Mike Rosing Message-Id: <>To: clintonpz@aol.comSubject: Keep going!Cc: mgr@anlhep.hep.anl.govDear President Clinton:-- Hit for more --Dear President Clinton:-- Hit for more --Mail? uMessage 26 (87 lines)From treefreeeco Thu Feb 18 14:10:59 1993Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 14:10:57 PSTFrom: Paul Stanford To: mrosingSubject: NORML Director Article PublishedCc: esterling WP 02/18 Valentine Day Massacre By Richard Cohen NEW YORK - OnFeb. 14, 1929, several of Al Capone's gang, some of themdisguised as cops, wheeled into the Chicago garage used as the headquarters ofthe rival Bugs Moran organization, simulated a police raid and gunned down sevenmen with sub-machine guns as they faced the wall waiting to be frisked. "I'mgonna send Moran a Valentine he will never forget," Capone had said. Never mindMoran, it was America that did not forget. The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre-- Hit for more --Message 27 (20 lines)From insthemp Thu Feb 18 16:22:13 1993Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 16:22:11 PSTFrom: Institute for Hemp To: mbergoffenSubject: Re: who's driving this bus?Cc: bmasel, canorml, dread, esterling, mrosingBen Masel is the driver of the NORML.HEMP bus. He can be reached at bmasel.What are we going to do about the people having problems?insthempjohnbirrenbachhaving problems?insthempjohnbirrenbachMail? uMessage 28 (20 lines)From insthemp Thu Feb 18 16:24:36 1993Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 16:24:34 PSTFrom: Institute for Hemp To: treefreeecoSubject: Your paperCc: bmasel, canorml, dread, dwirtshafter, esterling, insthemp, mrosingMr Stanford, Why did you send me a half case of paper and a pack of note pads? Why have you not responded to my last letter? Thank You,John BirrenbachinsthempMail? uMessage 29 (27 lines)From Mail? uMessage 29 (27 lines)From jrosing Thu Feb 18 18:42:29 1993Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 18:42:14 PSTFrom: John Rosing To:, mrosingSubject: busybodyHey Mike. I apologize. the last thing I want to do at this (orany other time) is to cause you problems at work. It won't happenagain.We are v e r y happy about your twins :-) and want to be goodgrand-parents, not busy-bodies. We love you both and your twins.If there is something that I can do with my hands to help yourfamily please let me know. If there is something that we havethat you can use please ask for it 8-) . __ __ __ ___ __ | ,| | / \ / \ | | \ | / \ | | |, | |=|, | | __ | | | | | | | | |___| | \ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | \ |-- Hit for more --Mail? u-- Hit for more --Message 30 (30 lines)From jrosing Thu Feb 18 18:46:18 1993Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 18:45:32 PSTFrom: John Rosing To:, mrosingSubject: busybodyTo:, mrosingSubject: busybodyHey Mike. I apologize. the last thing I want to do at this (orany other time) is to cause you problems at work. It won't happenagain.We are v e r y happy about your twins :-) and want to be goodgrand-parents, not busy-bodies. We love you both and your twins.If there is something that I can do with my hands to help yourfamily please let me know. If there is something that we havethat you can use please ask for it 8-) . __ __  __ ___ __-- Hit for more | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | |__/ | \__/ \__/ |____|___/ \ __/ \__/ | | | '| | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | |__/ | \__/ \__/ |____|___/ \ __/ \__/ | | | '|Mail? uMessage 31 (34 lines)From jrosing Thu Feb 18 18:48:39 1993Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 18:48:37 PSTFrom: John Rosing To: mrosing@igc.apc.orgSubject: busybodyCc: rosing@icase.eduTo:, mrosingSubject: busybodyTo:, mrosingSubject: busybodyHey Mike. I apologize. the last thing I want to do at this (orany other time) is to cause you problems at work. It won't happenagain.We are v e r y happy about your twins :-) and want to be goodgrand-parents, not busy-bodies. We love you both and your twins.If there is something that I can do with my hands to help your-- Hit for more --Mail? T Tfamily please let me know. If there is something that we havethat you can use please ask for it 8-) . __ __ __ _ __ __ ___ __ | ,| | / \ / \ | | \ | / \ | | |, | |=|, | | __ | | | | | | | | |___| | \ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | |__/ | \__/ \__/ |____|___/ \ __/ \__/ | | | '|Mail? uMessage 32 (20 lines)From treefreeeco Thu Feb 18 18:54:16 1993Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 18:54:14 PSTFrom: Paul Stanford To: insthempSubject: Re: Your paperCc: bmasel, canorml, dread, esterling, mrosingDear John, I sent you the paper as a peace offering, in light of eventsin 1990, though in 1991 I repaid you more than you had sent me. I did respondto your last letter; I sent you the paper. The text of your letter wasrather offensive, so I didn't want to be led down any negative paths.John, I just want you to be happy and not to hold a grudge against me.I hope you're not putting out bad karma. I'm doing very positive, good thingsand I don't want you feeling slighted or to detract from the hemp movement.I hope your actions aren't based on jealousy or some twisted revenge. Peace, PaulMessage 33 (13 lines)From jrosing Sat Feb 20 11:36:49 1993Date: Sat, 20 Feb 93 11:36:47 PSTFrom: John Rosing To: mrosing@igc.apc.orgSubject: busybodyi hope you got my last message. love boj :-)odyi hope you got my last message. love boj :-)Mail? uThere are no unread messages.Mail? qHeld 33 messages in folder (incoming)PeaceNet Commands: (c)onferences (h)elp (m)ail (d)ata (u)sers (s)etup (bye)? sType '?' for command summary, 'h' for more help.Setup? ?The "setup" command allows you to tailor system options to your needs.The following options are available (with abbreviations in parentheses): s - (s)how current options tl - list the supported terminal types t NAME - set your terminal type to the named type. d - change the (d)elete key p - choose a new (p)assword l - change your (l)anguage m - change to more or less verbose (m)enus h - for more (h)elp q - (q)uit from setup Setup? sCurrent terminal type: tvi920Current delete key is: BACKSPACESetup? qPeaceNet Commands: (c)onferences (h)elp (m)ail (d)ata (u)sers (s)etup (bye)? bye6 pages worth of free mail storage left; see (h)elp command.Elapsed Time: 18 MinutesGoodbye!408 346 DISCONNECTED 00 40 00:00:18:26 1706 48 NO CARRIER 1706 48 NO CARRIER as Nederwi m - change to more or less verbose (m)enus h - for more (h)elp q - (q)uit from setup Setup? s Current terminal type: tvi920 Current delete key is: BACKSPACE Setup? q PeaceNet Commands: (c)onferences (h)elp (m)ail (d)ata (u)sers (s)etup (bye) ? bye 6 pages worth of free mail storage left; see (h)elp command. Elapsed Time: 18 Minutes Goodbye! 408 346 DISCONNECTED 00 40 00:00:18:26 1706 48 NO CARRIER Patience, persistence, truth, reality: mgr@anhep2.hep.anl.govDr. mike UUCP: uunet!pyramid!cdp!mrosingIMI, P.O. BOX 2242, Darien IL 60559 bitnet: mrosing@igc.orgg d Italy have submitted The Hague and Rome as potentialheadquarters sites for the project, known as Europol, which will work along thelines of the Interpol international police organisation. "The problems in France are far worse than here," Lubbers was quoted assaying by Dutch daily Trouw. "The number of deaths from drugs is far higher inFrance than here...We are at least equally active and effective." Both hard and soft drug use is illegal in the Netherlands, but small-scaledrug use is tolerated in a belief that it is easPatience, persistence, truth, reality: mgr@anhep2.hep.anl.govDr. mike  UUCP: uunet!pyramid!cdp!mrosingIMI, P.O. BOX 2242, Darien IL 60559 bitnet: mrosing@igc.orgMessage 31 (34 lines)From jrosing Thu Feb 18 18:48:39 1993Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 18:48:37 PSTFrom: John Rosing To: mrosing@igc.apc.orgSubject: busybodyCc: rosing@icase.eduTo:, mrosingSubject: busybodyTo:, mrosingSubject: busybodyHey Mike. I apologize. the last thing I want to do at this (orany other time) is to cause you problems at work. It won't happenagain.We are v e r y happy about your twins :-) and want to be goodgrand-parents, not busy-bodies. We love you both and your twins.If there is something that I can do with my hands to help your-- Hit for more --Mail? T Tfamily please let me know. If there is something that we havethat you can use please ask for it 8-) . __ __ __ ___ __ | ,| | / \ / \ | | \ | / \ | | |, | |=|, | | __ | | |  | | | | | |___| | \ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | |__/ | \__/ \T STAT TIME CID PNN COMMANDrosing 5115 62.0 0.0 392 0 p0 R 0:00 2 17 ps -ugrosing 4913 0.7 0.0 288 0 p0 S 0:02 2 24 -csh (csh)CLI: Connection closed.annex: byeCLI: Command not found.annex: hangupResetting line and disconnecting. ~NO CARRIERO CARRIER !Conf? g alt.drugst=2!t Visiting alt.drugs...53 unread topics, 112 unread responses=4!'u' to see next unread item, '?' for command summary, 'h' for more help=5!Conf? c=6V9 'u' to see next unread item, '?' for command summary, 'h' for more help Conf? c="!t t Switch (p)aging rosing 5115 62.0 0.0 392 0 p0 R 0:00 2 17 ps -ug rosing 4913 0.7 0.0 288 0 p0 S 0:02 2 24 -csh (csh) CLI: Connection closed. annex: bye CLI: Command not found. annex: hangup Resetting line and disconnecting. ~ NO CARRIER /** norml.hemp: 121.0 **/** Topic: Regarding PFDA Ads **** Written 4:26 pm Oct 1, 1991 by pfraterdeus in cdp:norml.hemp **From: Peter Fraterdeus Subject: Regarding PFDA AdsAttn: norml.hempFrom PNMAILONLY Regarding PFDA AdsMessage 32 (58 lines)From support2 Sun Sep 29 03:42:39 1991Date: Sun, 29 Sep 91 03:42:38 PDTFrom: IGC User Support To: pfraterdeusSubject: Re: Regarding PFDA AdsPeter, would you consider posting this in , don't knowof a pot discussion going on anywhere on the network and would loveto see one started. I live in Alaska, where it is condoned topossess no more than 2 ounces in the privacy of your home. (Yeah!!)Anthony Whitworth, ICG Support----> Editor--The New York Times > 229 w. 43rd St.> New York City 10036> > Editor,> > The August 12th full page ad from "Partnership for a Drug Free> America" implies that cannabis (marijuana) is as dangerous as crack> or cocaine. This is false and deliberately misleading. Not only is> cannabis non-toxic and non-addictive, but it has, in fact, been> proven in numerous government and other studies to be a valuable,> medically useful plant.> > The current atmosphere of the New Inquisition serves to paint a> significant portion of this country's citizens with a broad brush> of dangerous intolerance.> > This type of witch-hunting mentality serves to derail legitimate> scientific research as well as persecuting individuals for the use> of an herb described by DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis L.> Young as "one of the safest therapeutically active substances known> to man" (Washington Post 9/7/88).> > Judge Young also notes that there is not a single documented death> caused by marijuana. Compare this to alcohol and tobacco, neither> of which will get your property seized, nor earn you a jail term!> > "PFDA" received some millions of dollars worth of free media last> year. One questions their integrity and their sources. Shouldn't> the Times do so as well?> > Sincerely,> > > Peter Fraterdeus> cc: Rep. Sidney Yates (9th-IL)> Sen. Paul Simon (IL)> Sen Alan Dixon (IL)-------------------------------Thanks for the reference, Anthony!Readers, Please respond via e-mail as well as in the conf, as the conf is noton my regular list... (and I generally check-in via my QuickMail server)PeterPeacenet: pfraterdeus@igc.orginternet:** End of text from cdp:norml.hemp **oanti-prohibitionist). Anonymous contributions via money orders to SaveOur Liberties gratefully accept?> > Sincerely,> > > Peter Fraterdeus> cc: Rep. Sidney Yates (9th-IL)> Sen. Paul Simon (IL)> Sen Alan Dixon (IL)-------------------------------Thanks for the reference, Anthony!Readers, Please respond via e-mail as well as in the conf, as the conf is noton my regular list... (and I generally check-in via my QuickMail server)PeterPeacenet: pfraterdeus@igc.orginternet:** End of text from cdp:norml.hemp **?> > Sincerely,> > > Peter Fraterdeus> cc: Rep. Sidney Yates (9th-IL)> Sen. Paul Simon (IL)> Sen Alan Dixon (IL)-------------------------------Thanks for the reference, Anthony!Readers, Please respond via e-mail as well as in the conf, as the conf is noton my regular list... (and I generally check-in via my QuickMail server)PeterPeacenet: pfraterdeus@igc.orginternet:** End of text from cdp:norml.hemp **unist rule of tyranny. Only the facade of freedom will remain.Is our future to be like their past, a police state? The answer is NO, if YOU and I and the millions of Americanswho support ending prohibition of drugs ALL band together intoeffective groups and organizations dedicated to ending this burdenon the American people. This tragedy costs us ALL our precious liberties and over $340billion this year. The breakdown: $150 billion stolen to feed drug habits. to feed drug habits. $80 billion to find, try, incarcerate an(R!%6..K122_=]*[<2MW,-*M6M$VN-X>QZ6*_E/$QE0Q<,&>221>Z];=])-E#EZ1I*E+F78W8T79)LMIG2='4^M'N;E-.UTTU2W$)KH[4D]^OKOH%J:Z=/)+]_\IN%;_>J+N>85/]G%CC_L^@]O_MRDD-VT)D(``K%]A[I>B)-6K*"T!G(\&YRZ:21!>BDO)MO)*RE"(E##$-%)@#RZ4O$89P8"4\2GQ3SFB>I'>6L)SRK_M[WMLA0TG7"/>T8C&-+"MZH8CI&,95S+U&AH0_QDC6LZ%)#\X#@_8]FN;&?+V_[PM^$/@F>9_?02@'[N5LCHB"`8&ZUN4E&3!F`WN<%,L'.).\D"?(+)S5SJ283B7M.4WZC9.4W)R4E#*D%!H,80@SXRE1F.LMM:4(B)-Q6Q%_Z;;&V)*.AR(>0XS'Q(PD#XI1',[SG)@2GM'FBJ;R5/9P`@(NM#LV+UL0B=<:G2G&.TXSI0]/ZT*FU][E1CF!SPK#>"4>.?2M9^=OE/?.(`D#^MD9_[G-8\$0B"QS&0A$)1)&YP)$&%(DZ2/<&@_N=D$KK"((5>'[2H!S'*L@Q"M]',;+*5-R!E2D;YPAG0YIQICZ9#EBG@J"*M94N<'L^823AG3@IZ*)FFY;+C,^HB8+5QF&G_@FE3S(2L=BXM"/B4V+*?!NZ)0Q7.M2"@U6.DIYXK6JPGV_N1D-.C`IJG-C:KUH"O5GV$OG)JU[G5E6*N3IK,^O0KKM:-T)3_'JYYWE+8`3[*?9JBMMN!^ML9.69+6R>*UPW@98H0'H11(ATZ9+M$Z-`#JQ-@1SH>^88Q$'-;)9##.1`1#[B-U`VS6FAMM!?,N@UD0B&B.`,_AQHM1A(6]H_[MQ]]46O:2&UUO2OMZU*;V<9-L54QOF]M;V2HLN=NK]H%5MQ*,V[[F[G&XG;+G+Z;7GBL8\7S;/.\UY.',*]'#O?+]9#W2^+R!AC&1#^O=?M?N:)H`.M+H/WJX$25F$6A3;A!TN[XU;?-2JZ"^V)2_FZ(AY7E=5O!U%LNM.]G7?04'<%GM5C`1WL(\9H2PMH)NT*;$>>FZK[IQK"OD:M-0;J4J=\]:4^>:G)'GL'E)B]:V4U:V5=<]W#60Z][[T>?$_SG`\?,DW7]?%! $_SG`\?,DW7]?%! 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[>filespec] invalid option flag: %c one and only one of drtwx flags required only one of abi flags allowed cannot create %s temp file write error seek error on %s Unable to re-create %s -- archive is in %s Read error on %s Write error on %s Cannot Create %s not archive format: %s %d/%d %6ld %.14s cannot open %s %s not in library cannot open %s not object file: %s cannot reopen %s cannot create %s std outputseek error on library write error on %s read error on %s %s not in archive file Cannot open Cannot create CDOSUXcdosux885> */ { int IsToken(); MoveTo(IsToken,FORWARD); if (BIsEnd()) return; tmark=BCreMrk(); MovePast(IsToken,FORWARD); tmp=BCreMrk(); BPntToMrk(tmark); MoveTo(IsToken,BACKWARD); BlockMove(tmark,tmp); MovePast(IsToken,BACKWARD); BlockMove(tmark,tmp); BKillMrk(tmark); BPntToMrk(tmp); BKillMrk(tmp); } MUpWord() /* uppercase a word */ { ToWord(); while (!BIsEnd() && IsToken()) { BInsert(toupper(Buff())); BDelete(1); TKbChk(); } } MPrevPage() /* move to the previous page */ { BPntToMrk(sstart); for (cnt=WHeight()-PrefLine()-2; cnt>0; --cnt) RNLSrch(); ToBegLine(); ScrnRange(); } MCopyRgn() /* copy region to kill buffer */ { CopyToMrk(mark,BIsBefore(mark)); } MBPara() /* move backward one paragraph */ { ToNotWhite(BACKWARD); while (RNLSrch()) { BMove(1); if (IsParaEnd()) break; BMove(-1);  TKbChk(); } ToNotWhite(FORWARD); } MDelWhite() /* delete spaces and tabs around point */ { while (!BIsEnd() && IsWhite()) { BDelete(1); TKbChk(); } while (!BIsStart()) { BMove(-1); if (IsWhite()) BDelete(1); else { BMove(1); break; } TKbChk(); } } MFPara() /* move forward one paragraph */ { ToNotWhite(FORWARD); while (NLSrch() && !IsParaEnd()) TKbChk(); ToNotWhite(BACKWARD); } MRDelWord() /* delete the previous word */ { tmark=BCreMrk(); BWord(); KillToMrk(tmark,BACKWARD); BKillMrk(tmark); } MNotImpl() /* Command not implemented */ { Error("Unknown command"); arg=0; } /* Fill mode commands */ MFillChk() /* check to see if we are beyond fillwidth and do something about it */ { if (BGetCol() < fillwidth) { BInsert(' '); } else { tmark=BCreMrk(); while (BGetCol() > fillwidth) { ToWhite(BACKWARD); ToNotWhite(BACKWARD); } MDelWhite(); tmp = !BIsAtMrk(tmark); /* does%`QR F$BNVB`FCLEAR68K V02.00, Copyright(c) 1984, Digital Research 1041-0901-000018 o#_"h#_E?/ N$N o AdpNu#_BNuNV0/"/ NB_d0< AVR"NB0<NBN^Nu o2/0/ HSoQBNu o0/JfBNuf SNuNVHa4a\#ht#cc#ur nn.YHN%>a(*n X~`F(].Yf/ NTXJ@g, -fRH`S`J,g./<YiN%X>N1t#VRG`Ryr`Ryn0`Ryo2>R/ aX#r#rp:`RyJ>R/ aZX#_`Ryy>R/ aaN2N^NuNV ycBP#X`aByp4Byq@#rTNa>a09p4yq@o8Jyq@g .qBaaXt ycRP yr XXr`ar9Xg.aN#vRX09RHйXѹX.a/9XaVXaJ@fHTcN^NuNVH *|rTBG`.aN#vRG|mBrb#rjXJ9rTfB@`pJL0N^NuNVH*n -f*R M lf R MJgV`6V*|V`*n>/<a/ N#8P3al./<YN%X>a #N.Vv?9aalTJ@g.N/<YN%X>a pBya yeVvgBWB?9aN5 \aVJycg>/<f/ N#8PJL N^NuNV>/U?.N&\|gp` n 0B@N^NuNVH*|VvBG`.aN#:RG|m y`Vvg.N/<YN%X>a JyVg(.YN%.N/<YN%X>a xJL N^NuNVH yt l ,9VxܹV|ܼJng 9Xм܀.a/a X.9V`a a|>aJnJLN^NuNVH*yl BG`.aN#:RG|m.aN#:.aN#:.aN#;@JL N^NuNVHB yl (f~ yl (g.9p:`Z yl (g.9r`D yl (g.9a`. yl (f, yl >/<YN%X>a  "yl ѩ JLN^NuNVH yl (g.n2aN*@a` yl (gvJng.n2a$*@l gRyp4.o4a *@l fa`8JngRyq@#qB`$ yl 0(mf yl ( g.a$` yl Lg Jyn0ga\JL N^NuNV.N/./<Z)N%PRyW N^NuNVH >NC(#c9cgRc 9cм#d#cl 3,l*|n2(|o4BG` *B(BRG| mJL0N^NuNVHa@HЮ#rF yrF*h f*yl ` yrF P!yl .a JL N^NuNVH*n(M&yl BG` Lg*m`RG|m JL8N^NuNV yrF l yrFJf yrF!yl aN^NuNVl 9l de<>NC(f.ZJN%>N1t`dydlN^NuNVHBG*yl BF`H@RF|m0|>JL N^NuNVH *n(n BG`8RG|mJL0N^NuNVH yVH"yVR>?</<VN$>\<m0`.V/<ZcN%X>aJLN^NuNV 9Vxѹp: 9V|ѹr 9VѹaN^NuNVH #l p6(|n2*|p@BG`*RG|@m(|o4*|qFBG`*RG|@mJL0N^NuNVH #p6l *|n2(|p@BG`*RG|@m*|o4(|qFBG`*RG|@mJL0N^NuNVH 9p:r#y#rh#arPJyJg #_r` 9p:R#r#r_Jyyg #rLa`$ 9rйhR#a#arL#rp:a a\JrgD.l /<VaX.n2a*@+yy mm.a*@l fJagL.l /<WaX.n2aT*@ 9yйh+@ mm.a|*@l fJrgR.l /<WaNX.n2a*@ 9yйhйrP+@ mm.a"*@l fJL N^NuNVH*yc`4-f&-g 9rѭ `-g 9aѭ l eJL N^NuNVH(|n2`.G KJg"&S`J g.a(`.a*Kg&k`Po.eJL8N^NuNVH *n.l / aDX.o4a(@l g n!l ``B.n2aԾ l.- B .a *@l f;| 9aйrP+@ n!m ߹rP.o4aaJL0N^NuNVH *n.l / aX.o4aR(@l f.n2a<(@l f.ZN%>a`J g .a`J.aR%*@l f.a J@f,JyrJf.ZN%RyrJRyW .a`+l JL0N^NuNVH*nBG`Jg.\H?NaN2>fN2N^NuNV>?</9VN$>\3dl.V/<ZN%X>a@3d#d d09Jyyg.d?<`N"T`.d?<`N"T.d?9yN"T.d?9yN"T.d?9hN"T.d?9hN"T.d?9rPN"T.d?9rRN"T 9l c-@.d?.N"T.d?.N"T.d?9n,N"T.d?9n.N"T.d?9rN"T.d?9rN"TJyf g.dBgN"T`.d?Jyf g(._a$ yVL.ra yVrN^NuNVH*na:;|A+HJL N^NuNVJ9p>g yVp>.VN+lJyf g0 yVL.VN+l yVr.VN+l>N1tN^NuNVH yc>TcJGgJ`@ yr*Xr.a/a:X.f/a.XaaZ#X>aat0SGJ@fJLN^NuNVH/</.NTP.p BW/ n ?N5 \Jl.N/<ZN%Xa n Bh . 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++str; } TForce(); } NLSrch() /* Search for the next new line combination */ { return(BCSearch(NL)); } Rebind(from,to) /* change all references to From to To */ int (*from)(), (*to)(); { for (cnt=383; cnt>=0; --cnt) { if (functs[cnt]==from) functs[cnt]=to; TKbChk(); } } RNLSrch() /* Reverse search for the next new line */ { return(BCRSearch(NL)); } char *RubOut(ostr,str,tcol) /* delete a character for getarg */ char *str, *ostr, tcol; { *--str='\0'; TSetPoint(TGetRow(),tcol); NLPrnt(ostr); TCLEOL(); TForce(); return(str); } strip(to,from) /* get main part of file name */ char *to, *from; { int left, right; char *tptr; #ifdef UNIX left=0; while (index(from+left,'/')>=0) left += index(from+left,'/')+1; right=index(from+left,'.'); if (right<0) right=strlen(from); else right += left; #else left=index(from,':')+1; right=index(from,'.'); if (right<0) right=strlen(from); TKbChk(); if (left>=right) { left=0; right=strlen(from); } #endif if (right-left>8) right=left+8; for (tptr=from+left; tptrgBy y>fR>9B>a<JFg~3餼|f6RytRyRy\4 y40 y4!y`6|fzJytgaT`d3Sy`8Ry\l yl"y40 yl"y4!iSy]4 y4 (fSy]4``8Ry\l yl"y40 yl"y4!iSy]4 y4>(>aİFlRy\4 y40 y4!y`>`9`4Ry\l yl"y40 yl"y4!i]4SGJGla JLN^NuNVH?BC ym60м߲#43` Ry\40yW@ym( y4 g y4 (g y4 ( f0yW@ym.4a-@>9&.4\a-@<9& y4 (:|+f .Ѯ>?aT>`|-f .>?a"T>`0`z/./.NP-@`x/./.NP-@`` .`V .`L=n2. .-@`6=n2. .-@` ap``H |:rW hN>?aT>yfTC309м߲#4 y4 y4!n0"y4@ygT89TDC 94м #l`.\4\l y4"yl0 y4"yl!iRDymUy`0R@м߲ @ g0м߲ @ h?faj`0R@м߲ @ f0м߲ @ fByjB@3>`\0R@м߲ @ h?g0R@м߲ @ h+g0R@м߲ @ h-ga`0м߲.a.D/0R@м߲ @!_0R@м߲ @0R@м߲ @2Ҽ߲"AiRCSy`0 @"|߲0H3>|f0м߲.a#@`F0м߲ @#@ y>f& y@0(|fByjB@3>`0 @"|߲0H>a JLN^NuNV y>fx y@0(|ff y@(g 3j`6 y@(g 3j` y@(g 3j`Byj y@# @3>`4 y>f" y@(g.@a3j`3jN^NuNV>NgB@3>ByjN^NuNV0.`$p`8p`4Jygp`(`$Jygp``H |rr W h,NB@N^NuNVH *n f-H3& -` g>NgBy&B`r(m,g .aB`Z0,||f,g>NgBy&B`0,gp`,gp`,gp`B@3& , JL0N^NuNVJypg >N^Jypf.>ڂaL|f3p3>0yڂ#@`\Byp>N^ y>f,.pBgNcT#@ 9@,fNe4` y>f 09j09>#@N^NuNV 9錰f*3># @09>#@`p yH3>|f0 y!yڄJyf yf yp3> y#@ y3#@\N^NuNVH>.0| |zn 0| |al |0m |9nB@`>/<NJX|gB@`pJLN^NuNV0.n f0.`"JngJn f 0.n ` >NgB@N^NuNV n f >Ng0.n fB@`Jn f 0.n ` >NgB@N^NuNVJnfJn g >NgB@N^NuNVJyg >$NgRy n33&3>B@N^NuNVJ9rf>Nh~`Nj.F?<NcT#ְ,g>Nh~`Ne4.N y>fJ@m @o >Nh~`b 9@"yցi y,ڂg > Nh~`6.N y>g >Nh~` y!y@ NhN^NuNVJ9rf>Nh~`Nj.pBgNcT#ְ,g 9~rf#,Ne4`Ne4 y(g>Nh~`F yh33.NBy y>f* y@(g yh y@# @` y>g>Nh~`Jy8gJyjg> Nh~`Jyݞg yh y!y@ yjf yh`X yjf yh`@ yjf yh`( y,ڂfNf>3ڂ|rf yhJyg yh@NhN^NuNV>aN^NuNVBy8a2ND0yxH ڄ3x0nH#ڄN]09(Ng4NhN^NuNV>aN^NuNV>aN^NuNV39ڇg >xa^`NhN^NuNV`>N^ y>(g>Nh~`.pBgNcT#ְ,fNe4` y(g >Ng yh  y(g yhwJy8gJyjg > Nh~`$ y,ڂfNf>3ڂ`Nh``N^ y>g>Nh~`.pBgNcT#ְ,fNe4`( y0(|g y(f >Ng yh.a^ y,ڂf3ڂ>N^ y>g >Nh~`$ y!y@ ` y!| NhN^NuNV ym.$NmlNi2 9ؐH"n3@ y XRyN^NuNVHBy8BN]Nh09(Ng4 9ݖc0>/<?92NZ\|g.@NmlNi2JyݞgNl..\NNi2Nf>3ڂg .yNml0yxH ڄNRJy@fN-nNnJLN^NuNVaNDJy8fN]By.N y>g >Nh~`VJyjg > Nh~`BJy8fNG09(Ng4/9@0y/NPѹڄNhN^NuNVH yo>9ڇg4*y#N]09(Ng4#RڄJL N^NuNVa>aN^NuNVNDN]ByNE09(Ng409ѹڄN^NuNV yxfJڄgRy@.N09jyxgJyjg >Nh~`R 9@ڄl >(Nh~`8#N]NG09(Ng4#@ڄNDN^NuNVNhN^NuNVJ9rf>Nh~`Nj.pBgNcT#ְ,g >Nh~`\Jy8gJyjg > Nh~`@Ne4a<=@|f >Nh~`" yh 0.H"y#@ NhN^NuNVH*|BE`t y-ڂf3ڂap<|f>(Nh~p`N` M2G0@RGFo` M2G0@ y/ڂg y,ڂfNf>3ڂa>|f0JL N^NuNVHBF> yaڂg yAڂf~`, ydڂg" yrڂg yDڂg yRڂgp`\Nf>3ڂ yڂ|Nf>3ڂ y0ڂm y9ڂoJFm|op`FJGm |n0``pJLN^NuNVaNDN]NE09( 9309ѹڄNg4N^NuNVND3N]By.N y>g >Nh~`>Jyjg > Nh~`*NG09(Ng4 9@ѹڄNhN^NuNVNhN^NuNV38.N y>g >Nh~`@Jyjg > Nh~`,0yxH ڄ#@ڄByxNhN^NuNVBy8ND0yxH ڄN].N y>g>Nh~` @nJ@l > Nh~`l @fp` @fp`p3x0yxH#ڄ#ڄ09x09(Ng4NhN^NuNVNhN^NuNVNhN^NuNVH0yxH ڄ9Sg3xBWBgNSjTRP9Og3xBWBgNSjTRL9WgRTB@Byj> NQlBWN+NTNQ.XN]>NU.N]>~BW0G/?9XN\g>/<ڼ?9XNZ\|g .ĝNmlNi2JLN^NuNVBWN+ yxg yxfd.nN y>g > Ng``09H//9@NP#@`BWBgNSjTRڄS@J@f`09H//9NPѹڄN^NuNVHBE><.nN y>fJyjg> Ng` 9@8.nN yf6 @m @lJyjg>NgB@Byj` yfXJEf& 9@2FBW?9BNSjTRE`( 9@2F@RFBW?9BNSjTBE`4` yf`0F0BRF>j?9BNT T|o20@30RGJ@g>`>N+09HѹڄBF`(0F0@RF>?9@NT T`z0SDJ@fJFg.0@E3JGg>`>N+09HѹڄJLN^NuNV0yxH ڄ3x#LڄBWN+N^NuNV0yxH ڄ3x#PڄBWN+N^NuNV0yxH ڄ3x#TڄBWN+N^NuNV9ڇg& yxg yxf BWBgNSjTRڄBWN+N^NuNVH yxg yxf8.9螹ڄBy>N+`BWBgNSjTRڄSJn`#ڄBWN+JLN^NuNVHBG<:`.nN 9錰d] y>g yjg> NgB@Byj yjf09@|3j nf @m @lJyjg>NgB@ByjJEf& 9@2FBW?9BNSjTRE`( 9@2F@RFBEBW?9BNSjT`2` nf`0F0BRF>j?9BNT T|o20@30RGJ@g>`>N+09HѹڄBF`(0F0@RF>?9@NT T`z>NQlJ@g`\ 9錰eHJEg0FB(RFJFg.0@E3JGg>`>N+09Hѹڄ)``JLN^NuNV>aN^NuNV9H=@ nfad` nfa`aN^NuNVaJ@g&J@gJyڎg 3ByڎRyN^NuNVaJ@g&J@fJyڎg 3ByڎRyN^NuNVatJ@g&J@mJyڎg 3ByڎRyN^NuNVa>J@g&J@oJyڎg 3ByڎRyN^NuNVaJ@g&J@nJyڎg 3ByڎRyN^NuNVaJ@g&J@lJyڎg 3ByڎRyN^NuNVaJ@fJyڎg 3ByڎRyN^NuNVaJ@gJyڎg 3ByڎRyN^NuNVJyf >Nh~`*SyJyڎf09yf3ڎNhN^NuNV.N y>g>Nh~B@`Jyjg> Nh~B@`NhpN^NuNVH y'ڂg> Nh~B@`BF>`" y ڂfB@`09ڂ"N4G@RGNf>3ڂg y'ڂfNf>3ڂ|,g> Nh~B@`Nf>3ڂ|'g> Nh~B@`z` y ڂfB@`h09ڂ"N4F@RFNf>3ڂg y'ڂfNhFgB@`00Fp@2G@./aXJ@gB@`pJLN^NuNVH *n(n ` JfB@`RRHgHHAJL0N^NuNVN]Ng4NhN^NuNVBWa3:ľaN^NuNVH3:ľa.NRyľ/< 9,/NP..)?< ?/9NPB*y`(o.NaB.aZHހ,eоn .NJL N^NuNVH *n(n >/ / NPJL0N^NuNVH *n-f- gB@`(MBG`0Jg.ҠH?N.T`.Ҡ?< N.TRRG|m.N-g.Np`0-|gr>?- NV$T>?- NV$T-g.N`8-g.N`"-g.N` . 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ZN` . HN. 0N. #N. N. N.N.N.N.N.N.N.rN.`N.>N."N.NcATNdNnf`` Nr `HxN dX`HxN dX`N$`N`Hx NvX`HxNvX`HxNvX`HxNvX`Nj`N`xN8`nN^NukjRih8gfedczba You must use the Low Level Floppy menu.abcdefghijkK - %-60s %c J - %-60s %c I - %-60s %c H - %-60s %c G - %-60s %c F - %-60s %c E - %-60s %c D - %-60s %c C - %-60s %c B - %-60s %c A - %-60s %c RightLeft %s Floppy Drive Selection NVH*.v$EY( Hx Hn/Hx Nt./њNO Ne f.< ;`.< 5./< @NXHnNhX-G /f~*`~ .HxNlX//< 'NP f~*`~ .HxNlX//< NP f~*`~ .HxNlX//< NP f~*`~ .HxNlX//< NP f~*`~ .HxNlX//< NP f~*`~ .HxNlX//< NP f~*`~ .HxNlX//< NP f~*`~ .HxNlX//< NP f~*`~ .Hx NlX//< NPJf~*`~ .BNlX//< NP f~*`~ .Hx NlX//< NP. NcA&NdHnNVXJgv @||P|. . =||*||P|B.<`*HnNXJg @||(|. . =||*||P|B.`lHnNXJgZ @||(| . =||*||P|B.`HnNXJg @||(| . =||*||P|B.`THnNXJgB @||(|  =|||| ||`HnNXJg @||(|  =|||| ||`8HnNVXJg& @||P|  =|||| ||`HnNXJg @||#| . =||*||P|B.`HnNVXJg @||P| . . =|||| ||`. fNNe2`zB.`rHx /Hx Nt./њHnNO L 9N^Nu Sorry, no other options.Use on a 40 track driveUse on an 80 track drive (read only)NV$nRB GPg EJg>Nc(.`NdJgE`.HNdJgEB~N^Nu..NNe2BN^Nu You can't use 80 track diskettes with a 40 track drive. Use on an 80 track driveNV$nRB G(g$nRB G#fEJgEB~N^Nu.;NdJf.NNe2BN^Nucjba RAM Disk Top address RAM Disk Base address TPA must be at least 64K bytes. New TPA size in K bytesabc Warning: On-line changes to RAM disk have no effectC - Top of RAM disk (0 = to BIOS) %8X B - Base of RAM disk (0 = disabled) %8X A - TPA size (0 = all free memory) %7uK RAM Disk Configuration Control NVHB9.RB9/HxNt./Nt(Ne.NJfB` ~,9.HxN~ޗ*./<NX./<NX./<NX  f .IN.ENcANd./<,NfX&JfB` @l. NNe2<`/ HxNt.$DEފ#`./<NfbX#`./<NfbX#`L9N^Nu0g,f(e$d cba4abcdefgG - Disable %c F - Extra serial channel #4 %c E - Extra serial channel #3 %c D - Extra serial channel #2 %c C - Extra serial channel #1 %c B - Parallel port %c A - Remote serial channel %c Printer Port Assignment NVHB9%Ne.N f~*`~ ./<NX f~*`~ ./<NX f~*`~ ./<~NX f~*`~ ./<[NX f~*`~ ./<8NX f~*`~ ./<NXJf~*`~ ./<NX.NcANdz<`z`z `z`z`z`B`%L!N^Nu>cbaR Delay before re-polling, Config.Printer.PollTime Number of polling attemptsabcC - Delay before re-polling %10u B - Polling attempts before delay %10u OffOnA - Interrupt (vs Scheduled Polling) %10s Parallel Port Configuration Control NVNe.9./<NXB>9./<NX.N0cAXNdB9 Gf `<`RB>9./<NfX3`.bNf3`N^NuNVHB9==<.NHHx@/</<NO N .N(.Nl.Nð.њHxNX.ѺHxNX.NĀ.N.N.XN`.ӈNƤJ9g.ҘHx NX.HxNX.HxNX.LHxNX.xHx NŌX.ҀHxNŌX.҈HxNŌX.ҐHxNŌX.NjL!N^NuDo you really want to change the terminal now Make online changesNVHJ9NX(l,.>/<!NX.N&Ne2BL1N^Nu.z/<ю/N"P zg&.>/<!NX.N&Ne2B` 9Bюf| 9Iяfr 9Oѐfh 9Sёf^B9ј.B9љ//<!NPB>9ђB<9єކ./<!\NX.N&Ne2~`$.>/<!DNX.N&Ne2BL1N^Nu BIOS changes saved.Error writing BIOS file %s Can't open file BIOS file %s Ready to write changes to %sNVHJ9/<#HnN"PHnNdXJfL1N^NuHx/<>NP(l$.>/<#NX.N&Ne2`.z/<ю/NP zg$.>/<#oNX.N&Ne2`.N&.#ZNNe2L1N^NuBootstrap file created successfully.Error writing boostrap file %sCan't create bootstrap file %s Bootstrap written successfully.Error writing device %s Can't write bootstrap to RAM diskin fileon driveReady to store bootstrap %s %sIllegal drive or filenameDestination file or drive %s is not a bootstrap file. %s does not contain a boostrap. Bootstrap file is too long.%s is not a CP/M executable file. Text, Data and BSS areas are not contiguous. Error reading bootstrap file %s Can't open bootstrap file %s Error reading device %s Can't read bootstrap from RAM diskfiledriveReady to load bootstrap from %s %sIllegal drive or filename.Source file or drive NVXHNeHnNHX.'NNdJfL 9N^NuN,-Gl lf.'3N`.>Jlf.<' `.<'//<'HnpN"O HnpNdXJgJlf@9>HH$G~-R`..`$GKB G fR.&N`BB/<>NX-Gh hf.>/<&NX.hN&`BBHx/<t/.`NOJf83`X#ZB^BbBf#n3r`V.>/<&NX`./<X/.hN"PJn.>/<&NX`\.hN&B>9X `f.&\N`2B>9X `g.>/<&9NX` .9Z޹^ c.&N` 9Btf 9Ouf 9Ovf 9Twg^ 9Mtf 9Uuf 9Bvf 9Twg6Jlf.>/<%NX`x.>/<%NX``.%NdJfL 9N^NuN,-Gl lf.%N`.>Jlf.<%s`.<%k//<%|HnpN"O HnpNdXJgJlf@9>HH$G~-R`..`$GKB G fD.%IN`B.>NR-Gd dff.>/<$NX`./.`NX~?B<9Ά.Hx Nt3t~B<9Ά3v.<|B:9x ̅#x3"~3 ހ~B<9&Ά f 3֊`By֊B>9$|B:9̅-G\B>9~.B>9ހ/Nt-WX.\/.XNt.| zB89v ʄ܅3|BBHx/<t/.`NOJg.>/<%0NX`.%N`.*/<X/.dNP *g.>/<$NX` .$N.dN&`rNVH 9:?f9>HH Am0 Po`~`~L!N^NuJ9@fB`~` Do you have more diskettes to format Please enter either L or R. Do you want to format the Left or Right drive (L or R)? drive is the Left drive, and the bottom drive is the Right drive. If your floppy drives are mounted one above the other, the topNVHnNHXBHxHxNPBHxHxNPNe.-N.-N.-ONNeX# lf p#` rfp#N/ JfB` g$.-2NNe2.- NdJffHnNjXN^NuN/`RIGHTLEFT The %s drive is not equipped. NV./9NXJ9f0 f.<.`.<../<.NXBN^NuHx /</<NO ~N^Nu Formatting... Format aborted.RIGHTLEFTAre you ready to format the diskette in the %s drive%s NVHNe.Nh.Nl./</NX f.</`.</./</HnN"PHnNdXJf./NL1N^NuB9B9./9N:X.Nʰ./NBB9.B>9/NtHxN&#B .9 B9ǾlBB.9B9ƾljp#.9B9ȾnN22R`./9N:XN5L1N^NuR `nB9߹.9B9ȾoB9ȟ`R`L. HxNfJfNc(Sm$yR.HH`.Hx.NXN3JfL1N^NuNVH.9$G .9$G .9Jg6 f*.9B9ކ*B9Ⱥo,B9Ț` .9B9ʞ*Jn B9ڇ.9JgJ fHJf@ f8.9$GB>9 f.9$G`P`.9$GL!N^NuCylinder %d, Head %d Error %d while checking Cylinder %d, Head %d Error %d while formatting NVHR. .9 ޹/B9//</9NO&JgP m./<3NX./9 /<3NP./9N:XBL9N^Nu.9Jg Jf. /9Nt(`.B9./9 Nt.޹./9Nt(B/B9/B>9/NtHn/9NO&Jgr m./<3dNX./9 /<3NNP./9N:XB`(B9㇞ .S/9Nt(`X~L9N^Nu Format complete.Cylinder %d, Head %d Error %d while verifying Verifying...NVH.5NBB .9 B9Ǿl:B.9B9ƾlJ. HxNf@Jf8Nc(`0./9N:X.5\NL1N^NuR `Sm$yR.HH`.Hx.NXB/B9/B>9/NtHn/9NO(JgF./<5NX./9 /<5oNP./9N:XL1N^NuB9.B>9/NtHxN&ڗR`:8k:.j:i:h9g9f9e9d9c9b9a:BabcdefghijkK - Auxiliary Device InformationJ - Operating System InformationI - Winchester #4 DetailsH - Winchester #3 DetailsG - Winchester #2 DetailsF - Winchester #1 DetailsE - Shared Floppy DetailsD - Right Floppy DetailsC - Left Floppy DetailsB - BIOS Channel Map (channels 16 to 31)A - BIOS Channel Map (channels 0 to 15) Low Level Configuration NVNe.8N.8N.8N.8qN.8XN.8>N.8$N.8 N.7N.7N.7N.7N.7NcANdN;D`L`HN=`>HxNC~X`.HxNC~X`NH`Hx NPfX`HxNPfX`HxNPfX`HxNPfX`N``NY`N^Nu Subdevice number Subdevice number Device numberabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz012345 Warning: On-line changes to disks are dangerous!%c - Channel %2d subdevice = %2d %c - Channel %2d device = %2d BIOS Channel Map (channels 0 to 15) NVHNe.;NB lF.$GB.//A/<:NO $EEQ& Zo$$EE&& `  f:.:N`,.$GB.///<:NO R`n.:yNc( fL 9N^Nu< amF ql>$DE*J. $G.. $GB//<:jNfP"W` qm>$DE*J. $G.. $GB//<:XNfP"W`$DE*J. $G.. $GB//<:FNfP1"W`b Subdevice number Subdevice number Device numberabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz012345 Warning: On-line changes to disks are dangerous!%c - Channel %2d subdevice = %2d %c - Channel %2d device = %2d BIOS Channel Map (channels 16 to 31) NVHNe.=NB lR.$GB.//A/<=NO $EEQ& Zo$$EE&& `  fF.=@N`8.$GB.///<=sNO R`V.=Nc( fL 9N^Nu< amF ql>$DE*J. $G.. $GB//<=NfP"W` qm>$DE*J. $G.. $GB//<../<BNXB..S/<BNXB>../<BNXB../<BgNXB../<BHNXB../<B)NXB../<BNXB../<ANX..Jg.<A`.<A./<ANX..Jg.<A`.<A./<ANXJ.g.<Aw`.<As./<AzNX..Jg.<AQ`.<AM./<ATNXJ.g.<A+`.<A'./<A.NX.ANcANdB../<ANfXG<`B../<@NfXG`B../<@NfXG`B>../<@NfX=G`B..S/<@NfXRG`B>../<@NfX=G`dB../<@NfXG`FB../<@pNfXG`(B../<@^NfXG` B../<@ENfbXG`B../<@4NfXG`..Jg n``..Jg n``J.gB.`z|`p..Jg n`V`LJ.gB.`>|`4Hx /Hx Nt./њHnNO L1N^NuJdJcJRbIaK, Head unload time Head load time Step rateabcdOffOnD - Double Density %10s C - Head unload time %10u B - Head load time %10u A - Step rate (milliseconds) %10u Shared Low-Level Floppy Configuration NVH.9Ѥ <.HxHxN0P*(9Ѥ <&9Ѥ <Ne.HN./<HNX./<H}NX./<HZNX.9Ѥ <Jg.<H4`.<H0./<H7NX.H+NcANd./<H NfX*.HxHxNPHGѤѤ.HxHxNPHG<`./<HNfX( H@ѤѤ H@`./<GNfX& H@ѤѤ H@`\.9Ѥ <JgyѦy`0Ѧ`L9N^NuUuTtTsTrTqTvpTToT6nTmSlSkSjSiShSdgSFfS*eSdRcRbRaU2 Number of write error retries Number of Read after Write retries Extra head settle time Sync bit Select bit Number of sectors per track Number of error retries Number of heads Header count High read counter Low read counter Track for shipping 1Test flags Special types Cylinder for precompensation Head settle time Step counter Slew time Step time Number of bytes per sector Number of cylindersabcdefghijklmnopqrstuK - Low read counter %6u U - Write retries %6u J - Track for shipping %6u T - Rd after Wt retries %6u I - Test flags %6u S - Extra head settle %6u H - Special types %6u R - Sync bit %04x (hex) G - Cylinder for precomp %6u Q - Select bit %02x (hex) F - Head settle time %6u P - Sectors per track %6u E - Step counter %6u O - Number of retries %6u D - Slew time %6u N - Number of heads %6u C - Step time %6u M - Header count %6u B - Bytes per sector %6u L - High read counter %6u A - Number of cylinders %6u Winchester #%d Parameters NVH*. fB`$EE( Hx../<P NXB>../<PNXB>../<ONXB>../<ONXB>../<ONXB../<ONXB>../<OcNXB..S/<OENXB>../<O$NXB../<ONXB>../<NNXB../<NNXB>../<NNXB>../<NtNXB>../<NSNXB>../<N5NXB>../<NNXB..S/<MNXB>../<MNXB..S/<MNXB>../<MNX.MNcANdB>../<MnNfX=G<`B>../<MRNfX=G`B>../<MGNfX=G`B>../<M../<M.NfX=G`B>../<MNfX=G`hB>../<LNfX=G`JB>../<LNfX=G`,B>../<LNfX=G`B>../<LNfX=G`B>../<LNfX=G`B>../<LNfX=G`B>../<LNfX=G`B../<LNfXG`xB..S/<LrNfXRG`VB../<LUNfXG`8B../<LINfXG`B>../<L?NfX=G`B>../<L'NfX=G`B..S/<LNfXRG`B..S/<KNfXRG`Hx9X./<Y}NXB>9Z./<Y\NXB>9^./<Y;NXB>9`./<YNXB>9b./<XNXB>9d./<XNXB>9f./<XNXB>9l./<XNXB>9p./<XuNXB>9r./<XTNXB>9t./<X3NXB>9v./<XNX.WN.WN.WN.WN  f .WN.WNcANdB>9X./<WcNfbX3X<`HB>9Z./<WGNfbX3Z`B>9^./<W(NfbX3^`B>9`./<WNfbX3``B>9b./<VNfbX3b`tB>9d./<VNfbX3d`RB>9f./<VNfbX3f`0B>9l./<VNfbX3l`B>9p./<VbNfbX3p`B>9r./<V:NfbX3r`B>9t./<VNfbX3t`B>9v./<UN2fbX3v`BN]`HxN]X`HxN]X`HxN]X`N^Nu Enter device informationabcdefghijklmnop Warning: On-line changes are dangerous!%c - Partition %2d %04x Winchester #%d Device Information NVH*.Ne/R/<]NPB l>.Hx Nt$Wӈ.B>.//A/<]NO R`  f .]]N.]LNc& fL9N^Nu.Hx Nt$Wӈ../Hx Nt$_ӈ.B>//<]2NfbP"W2<`bdb<cabaab Enter the startup command (up to 15 characters): Must be between 1 and 32. Size of buffers in 512-byte blocks (1 to 32) Must be between 1 and 256. Number of I/O buffers (1 to 256)abcd Warning: On-line changes have no effect.D - Disable startup commandDisabledC - System startup command %15s B - Size of buffers in 512-byte blocks %15u (%u bytes) A - Number of disk I/O buffers %15u Operating System Information NVH Ne.`NB9.R/<`zNXB9.HxNtB9/R/<`BNPJ9f.<` `.<./<`NX._N  f ._N._NcAPNdB9.R/<_NfX* m o._NNe2`.S<`B9.R/<_TNfX* m o._9NNe2`.S`._NHnNDXJ.gB.'E*J(|HHg$$DgHHg $DE. `.`B`HB9`>L01N^Nucon:con:con:con:NVNB/<bNXHx/<bNPHx/<bNPB/<bNX#jN..N4N^NuNVSm$yR HH`.Hx NXN^Nu%c Select Menu option : NVH *n.cfNNeX* fNt~ `B(MJgHHǾf$EgHHg $EE. `../<cbNX.L0!N^NuNoYes%s? NVH./<d NXNeX* yf.dN~` nf.dNBL!N^NuSm$yRHH`.HxNX` %s: NVH./<dNX.>ND*|>JfB`.HHg$$EgHHg $EE. `.`~L !N^Nu Press the space bar to continue: NV.eNNeX fNN^NuNVHxHn/9jN"O $|g.HHHHg~ .HHކ`.HHN^NuNV.eHx/<NPN^NuNVH*nSm$yR. HH`./ NXL N^Nu%s: NVH*. ./<fNXHnNDXJ.f.` HnNXL!N^Nu%s: NVH*. ./<f\NXBSm$yRHH` .Nn( g f .L9N^Nu$DgHHg $DE. `.($DgHHf Am Fn Am Fn $DE( `$DE( ~,Άބ&Sm$yRHH` .Nn($DgHHg $DE. `.($DgHHfl Am FoZ g2Sm$yRHH` .Nn(`.L9N^NuNVH*n.- <JfB`BB Gf@B- GPf4B- G f(.- Jf.- Jf ~ L N^NuB Gf:B- GPf.B- Gf".- Jf.- Jf~`B Gf:B- G(f.B- Gf".- Jf.- Jf~`BB Gf@B- G(f4B- Gf(.- Jg.- Jf ~L N^NuB Gf:B- G(f.B- Gf".- Jg.- Jf~`B Gf:B- G(f.B- G f".- Jg.- Jg~`BB Gf@B- G(f4B- G f(.- Jg.- Jg ~L N^NuB Gf:B- GPf.B- G f".- Jg.- Jg~`B Gf:B- G#f.B- Gf".- Jg.- Jf~`Jf ~ L N^NuB`m mmmllllll m&Non-standard drive configurationNo drive equippedSoftech Universal Medium, single, 35 track (140k)Network Consulting double sided, 80 track (800k)Network Consulting double sided, 40 track (400k)Network Consulting single sided, 40 track (200k)IBM double sided, 40 track (320k)IBM single sided, 40 track (160k)Sage double sided, 40 track (320k)Sage double sided, 80 track (640k)Sage double sided, 80 track, 10 sector (800k)NVH*..ANd.<l`.<lgL!N^2Nu.<lD`.<l"`.<l`.<k`.<k`.<km`.<k;`.<k)`.<k``pHfp0epdocoboVapxabcdefOffOnF - BREAK to debugger %20s OffOnE - BIOS Xon/Xoff handling%20s D - Terminal data bits %20s C - Terminal stop bits %20s B - Terminal parity %20s A - Terminal baud rate %20s Terminal Configuration Control NVNe.n=NHxNyX./<nNXHxNzLX./<mNXHxNzX./<mNXHxN{X./<mNXJ9g.<m`.<m./<mNX.9Jg.<ms`.<mo./<mvNX.mhNcANdHxN}pXHG==<`HnHxNPB. `HxN(X?`vHxNX `LJ9f~`B`4.9Jf~`B`N^NuthtvgtBftesdscstbsDat DSR Polling DelayabcdefghH - DSR polling interval%20u OffOnG - DSR polling %20s OffOnF - Xon/Xoff on output %20s OffOnE - Xon/Xoff on input %20s D - Remote data bits %20s C - Remote stop bits %20s B - Remote parity %20s A - Remote baud rate %20s Remote Configuration Control NVNe.qNHxNyX./<qNXHxNzLX./<qNXHxNzX./<qNXHxN{X./<qmNX.9Jg.<qL`.<qH./<qONX.9Jg.<q'`.<q#./<q*NXJ9g.<q`.<p./<qNXB>9./<pNX.pNcA@NdHxN}pXHG<`HnHxNPB. `HxN(X?`HxNX `X.9Jf~`B`(.9Jf~`B`J9f~`B`B>9./<pNfX3`N^Nuxxfx8exdwcwbwLaxabcdef Warning: Your Sage II does not have these ports.OffOnF - Xon/Xoff on output %20s OffOnE - Xon/Xoff on input %20s D - Data bits %20s C - Stop bits %20s B - Parity %20s A - Baud rate %20s Extra Serial Channel #%d Configuration Control NVH*.$EE( Ne/R/<uNP.Ny./<uNX.NzL./<uNX.Nz./<uNX.N{./<upNX.$Gx.Jg.<uO`.<uK./<uRNX.$Gx.Jg.<u*`.<u&./<u-NXJ9f  f .tN.tNcApNd.$Gx./N}pX"WHG<`.$Gx.Hn/NP"W.$GxB. `.$Gx./N(X"W?`p.$Gx./NX"W `@.$Gx..$Gx.Jf~`B"W`.$Gx..$Gx.Jf~`B"W`L1N^Nuz2zKznyyy,yXyyyy `yy%yKz$DIP Switch507511015020030060012001800200024004800960019200NVH*..N(.A$Nd.<y`.<yzL1N^Nu.<yu`.<yp`.<yk`.<yf`.<ya`.<y]`.<yY`.<yU`.<yQ`.<yM`.<yJL1N^Nu.<yG`.<y<``DisabledOddEvenDIP SwitchNVH*.Hn/NNP( fHxNXJf.<z@`JgJ.g.<z;L1N^Nu.<z.`.<z7`{6{({ {>Illegal2 stop bits1.5 stop bits1 stop bitNVH*..NJ(.ANd.<z`.<zL1N^Nu.<z`.<z``{{{{{8 data bits7 data bits6 data bits5 data bitsNVH*..N(.ANd.<{`.<{L1N^Nu.<{|`.<{p``abcdefghijklmnabcdefghijklmnoO - DIP Switch %c N - 50 baud %c M - 75 baud %c L - 110 baud %c K - 150 baud %c J - 200 baud %c I - 300 baud %c H - 600 baud %c G - 1200 baud %c F - 1800 baud %c 3E - 2000 baud %c D - 2400 baud %c C - 4800 baud %c B - 9600 baud %c A - 19200 baud %c Baud Rate Selection NVH*..N(Ne.}SN Kf~*`~ ./<}=NX %f~*`~ ./<}'NX f~*`~ ./<}NX `f~*`~ ./<|NX f~*`~ ./<|NX f~*`~ ./<|NX f~*`~ ./<|NX Xf~*`~ ./<|NX ,f~*`~ ./<|NX f~*`~ ./<|wNX f~*`~ ./<|aNX nf~*`~ ./<|KNX Kf~*`~ ./<|5NX 2f~*`~ ./<|NX fJf~*`~ ./<| NX f.<{`.<{.Nc& f.B/NPL9N^Nu.$Gn(`dczbfa You must set the DIP Switch selection in the Baud Rate You must remove the DIP Switch selection from the Baud RateabcabcdD - DIP Switch %c C - Disabled %c B - Odd parity %c A - Even parity %c Parity Selection NVH *.*n Hn/NNP( fHxNXJf~`B&Ne.NJgJ.gJf~*`~ ./<NXJgJ.fJf~*`~ ./<NXJfJf~*`~ ./<qNX fJg~*`~ ./<ZNX f.<U`.<Q.Nc(G. f.L09N^Nu f8.9 <Jf,. dg".NNe2`. ANd.9 <Jg. df.NNe2`|B.``xB.`B``.L09N^NucbaabcC - 2 stop bits %c B - 1.5 stop bits %c A - 1 stop bit %c Stop Bits Selection NVH*..NJ(Ne. N f~*`~ ./<NX f~*`~ ./<NX f~*`~ ./<NX.NcANdx`z`vx`px`j.L1N^NuRdLcFb<aXabcdD - 8 data bits %c C - 7 data bits %c B - 6 data bits %c A - 5 data bits %c Data Bits Selection NVH*..N(Ne.mNJf~*`~ ./<UNX f~*`~ ./<=NX f~*`~ ./<%NX f~*`~ ./< NX.NcANdB```\x`Vx`Px`J.L1N^Nu NVH*..ANd(9 <.B/N0PL1N^Nu(9 <`.$Gx( <` jNVH*.*n .ANd.9 < .9 < `*.9 < .9 < L !N^Nu.$Gx. < .$Gx. < `` xbNVH*..ANd.9 <`.9 <L!N^Nu.$Gx. <``<<<<  `NVH*..ANd.9 < `.9 < L!N^Nu.$Gx. < `` Ready to power system down.Drive %d positioned for shipping. NVDHNeHnNHXB l.HxNtHx Hx NPHnHx NPB8.Hx9^.N3^<`(B>9`.N3``B>9l.N3l`.$GB*G. $Gӈ.. $GӈB>/NX"W2`.8NNe2` dc\bFa< Must be between 32 and 1024. Number of directory entries Must be between 0 and 7. Enter the track offset (0-7)abcdFixedRemovableD - Media type  %10s C - Number of directory entries%10u B - Directory track offset %10u A - Allocation block size %10u CP/M Disk Drive Information NVHNe.hN.<|(.v ̄./<CNX~,.Ά./<NX~?,.Ά.Hx Nt/<NX. g.<`.<./<NX.NcANd.N-G`@`<~,.Ά./<NfX*Jm o.NNe2`.量`~?,.Ά.Hx Nt/<jNfX* m o.LNNe2`/Hx N&.`x. g  `f `\..L9N^Nur h ^<FixedRemovableBlock size: %5u, Entries: %4u, Offset: %1u, CP/M parameters not configuredNot a disk deviceNo device associatedNVH*..$GJf.N`4.$GBANd=y^JnfV.NL9N^Nu=y``=yl`.$GB$Gӈ=R`.N`~B<.Ά./<NX~?B<.Ά.Hx Nt/<NX.<|B8.v ̄./<NXB>.g.<v`.<p.NL9N^NuabcdeE - 16394 bytes %c D - 8192 bytes %c C - 4096 bytes %c B - 2048 bytes %c A - 1024 bytes %c Allocation Block Size Selection NVH.<|&.t ̃*Ne.N f~*`~ ./<NX f~*`~ ./<}NX f~*`~ ./<fNX f~*`~ ./<ONX @f~*`~ ./<8NX.2Nc( f ..L9N^Nu.| `A 0BhBh!op NN2/pNN o1A1B~>9"NutcTERMTERMCAPtermcapNVH."HnNX.N(G. g* /fHlHnNP`.N&G. fHnNX*G. fv~`j#HnNXJg.HnNXJf#HnNXJg. HnNXJf./.NX#~L8!N^Nu. 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Jf#B <`Jc #BB`a,H>a"op`lp``B@NqJL0N^NuNVH. <am <zn< HNqJLN^NuCP/M-68K(tm), Version 1.91, Copyright (c) 1983, Digital Research1015-0901-000018JgNuStack Overflow$C runtimeCON:LST:====>>> >!>;>P>fAV]av N V ` N V dCP/M-68K(tm), Version 1.1, Copyright 1983, Digital Research1015-0901-000018allbootfilesendEnter SOURCE drive: Enter DESTINATION drive: READ error ----> WRITE error ----> [Copy Ver 1.1 Extraneous argument ignored: %s Source and Destination must be different Copy complete Do you wish to repeat the copy? MODE FUNCTION ALL Copy the whole disk BOOT Copy the boot tracks FILES Copy the non-boot tracks END End this program Enter your copy mode: ALLBOOTFILES (^C to ABORT) RETURN to copy %s from %c to %c%c %s Undefined option: %c Incompatible disks Disk select error on Destination Disk select error on Source ***Copying Tracks*** %d %sTrack: %d Sector: %dCannot open Cannot create CDOSUXcdosux80<4%DEFOX[cdefosxLT\TTLTT\   Bb!!!!"`P>PNV|HBG`*0Gk!|0Gk!|.RG|mBk#k#kkNN#kBykBBBn|N.P///|/<k/.a(`.a-@g n -f3kR`Byk nH`.a.`./.aX`.P///|/<k/./.a^`z.a `n./<k/.NP`P.N `B.|/.N"X`*.N2`./.N"X`.N$ `.N:`./|/./.N$ `.N&(`>//<k/.N( `BW//<k/.N( `h.|/.N,vX`R.|/.N,X`<.k/.N7X`(.Q"N/``|C|b@0@P PN`JLN^NuNVNN.Q4N/.QiN/.QN/.QN/.RN/ .м#P n PoBPBk| n ( ]g,././././. /./.\aN^NuNVH *n.R:N/R.?< NNT> N/-HJFg M2FB(I` am zn H|`HRJfIBG`RRG  o mFmFfB@` JL0N^NuNVN^NuNVv./PN/XJ@f N3B@`Bn`0.H"N4n#@Rn n mBn`Rn n l2.PN3nJ@g$ 2.AHЁ./PN/XJ@fBn`D N2n2nk!i. 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An=@ .gDN^NuNV/. /.NO 9kN^Nu DPn| 2TjUnknown Command ************************************************** DDT-68K 3/19/84 Version 1.2 Serial #1041-0901-000018 All Rights Reserved Copyright 1982,1983,1984 Digital Research Inc. ************************************************** -Return value --> h 68KCannot open program file Can not read program file. Insufficient memory or bad file header Read error Bad relocation bits Unknown program load error No Symbols File is relocatable No symbols Symbol table disaster Symbol table full )(): = ** Long COBOL-style symbol ** Continue listing? (y/n)DDT begins at: Symbol table at: No symbols; file header at: Symbol table full No change--Address must be even! Already set Too many pass points--limit is: 32 Encountered the ILLEGAL instruction No symbols Cannot open file File too big -- read truncated. Encountered the ILLEGAL instruction Encountered the ILLEGAL instruction Cannot create file. File write error. Unimplemented Function: PASS ? 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Also, if phosphate >>fertilizers were the major contributor, this might not be a problem with >>cannabis--it tends to grow quite healthly without much chemical help. > >Aren't the leaves burned to provide the smoke? While the buds may >contain higher concentrations of the THC, the leaves must make up the >major part of the combustibles. BTW, when viewed in this way, doesn't >smoking anything seem absurd? Almost all cannabis smoked in the US is just the buds. Herer claims that 95%-99% of the stuff that gets smoked is buds w/o leaves. My own experience would tend to support that... The use of a water pipe, is another factor. Herer claims it eliminates "virtually all" carcinogens. This sounds like another overstatement, but I'm sure that some of them are water soluable. Of course the incidence of use of water pipes is probably around 10% or less based on my experience. And yea, smoking it does seem a little stupid, but people will do it anyways (and you could always bake it into brownies!) >True. He called the m. non-radioactive. If cannabis had no extra radionuclides like tobacco, then comparitively it would have _just about_ none. I don't think Herer has ever claimed to be a scientist. >>This is the question. How much of tobacco carcinogenicity is chemically >>caused, and how much is radioactivly caused? Regardless of the cannabis >>issue this is rather important to find out I would think. >> >You probably don't have any chance of finding this out. A workable >hypothesis is that neither one does you much good . . and may cause O>significant damage. > >Tobacco may have a higher concentration of radon daughters than other >plants. But there doesn't seem to be much info about other leafy >plants. In the absence of such information, caution is indicated. >Maybe lettuce should be checked. Cabbage is yucky, so it doesn't matter. Yup, here I think I agree with you 100% (even about Cabbage). -- Lamont Granquist ** End of text from cdp:alt.drugs ** Patience, persistence, truth, reality: Dr. mike home: IMI, P.O. BOX 2242, Darien IL 60559 phone: 708-859-0499